Peach Jelly Jul 9 @ 9:50am
Inspiring Stalkers
Is there any trick to it? Sometimes when I bump into them relentlessly, they change color; but a lot of the time, they're stubborn and just stay either lax or content (grey).
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hawkguy Jul 14 @ 4:19am 
I've noticed that when I change the colour of the blocks underneath the stalker using the z, x, and c keys it will change the colour of the stalker and thus what colour they spread. However, this does not net me the "inspire a stalker" achievement. I'm not sure if that's because I'm not fulfilling the conditions or if that's simply one of the achievements that's broken.
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Peach Jelly Jul 14 @ 10:42am 
You probably have to bump into them and make them change color that way to get the achievement. I know it works, just not 100% of the time.
Stexred Jul 21 @ 2:20pm 
it probally needs to be a certain colour
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