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Mike Jun 19, 2014 @ 4:00am
Flockers Update 4 Now Available! Build #381

Update 4 is here, bringing with it 5 new levels, new rewards, more Steam achievements to earn and some lovely tweaks to the campaign level select screen.

Oh, there's also something SUPER SECRET for you and your Flock to find.

Read on for the full changelog!

New Stuff!
  • 5 new levels. This includes 5 new campaign missions and... something else...
  • 5 new rewards to be unlocked in-game!
  • 5 new Steam achievements to be unlocked in-game!
  • More epic changes to the campaign level selection screen!
  • A whole host of bug fixes – see below.

Changes, fixes and tweaks:
  • Fixed a crash occurring for some users when an Exploder detonates on level 10
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when exiting the results screen
  • Fixed the "Doing Great" achievement - it can now be unlocked as normal
  • Fixed some Sheep physics - sheep now won't be blown as far away from an explosion if another sheep is on top of them
  • Fixed an issue with Steam Workshop integration which caused the main window to remain open after launching the level editor
  • Depth of Field has been enabled by default
  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to hang on the loading screen after completing a level
  • Fixed issues causing FPS drops whilst streaming on Twitch
  • Fixed game crashes when selecting certain levels
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when changing settings in the Controls menu
  • Fixed the Cyber Sheep so that it can now be unlocked as intended
  • Fixed an issue with sheep getting stuck on level 33
  • Fixed an issue with a secret level which prevented it from being unlocked
  • Fixed various issues which occurred in the Rewards menu
  • Fixed various issues with Achievements that prevented them from being unlocked. There's still some outstanding issues with Achievements, check the Known Issues for details.
  • Fixed a crash that occurrs when the Team17 intro video is skipped
  • Fixed an issue which caused full stars to be displayed regardless of how many were actually earned
  • Fixed an issue affecting Super Sheep which caused them to fly too high
  • Fixed an issue which caused formation boxes to stay on screen after the level is reset
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when exiting the game
  • Fixed an issue causing Sheep to get stuck in formation on rotating platforms
  • Fixed an issue preventing sheep in a two stair formation from jumping normally
  • Fixed a graphical issue which occurred after minimising the game window on level 29
  • Localised the "Cleared" and "Failed" text
  • Fixed an issue which caused the bottom sheep in a formation to slide down slopes
  • Fixed an issue causing the Exploder Sheep's timer remaining after the game is paused and then restarted
  • Fixed an issue causing camera weirdness
  • Added text explaining how to unlock Lambo and the Cyber Sheep
  • Fixed an issue causing Jumper sheep to jump down slopes instead of walking
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash after changing filters at the Leaderboard
  • Fixed an issue which caused a crash when Alt-tabbing out of full screen while streaming
  • Fixed lighting for some levels
  • Fixed an issue causing localized level names to spill outside the display area
  • Fixed an issue causing Jumper sheep to miss the exit in level 26.
  • Fixed an issue with the Level 29 landscape, which was much higher than its collision area
  • Increased the size of unlocked levels in the Level Select menu
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Giblets to press Constant Switches
  • Fixed an issue with the level select button, which was obstructed by the button above it
  • Fixed a few backend issues with Twitch streaming
  • Localised level 26-30 titles
  • Fixed an issue causing ammo to be returned to the player after releasing sheep from a formation before it's full
  • Added a button for viewing Twitch streams
  • Fixed a graphics bug with the floating beam in level 14
  • Fixed an issue causing the camera to move the cursor when trying to select level
  • Fixed an issue which prevented navigating up using the keyboard controls on the How to Play screen
  • Fixed an issue causing the star animation on the results screen to stop if the mouse is clicked
  • Fixed Sheep clipping through background assets on level 29
  • Fixed an issue causing a blank panel to be displayed upon opening the level select screen
  • Fixed an issue causing Jumper sheep to get stuck against low diagonal ceilings
  • Fixed various graphical issues in level 27
  • Fixed audio issues which occurred when applying abilities to sleeping sheep
  • Fixed an issue causing the Russian text for Leaderboards to be slightly cut off by the filter button
  • Changed Mission 30 in the level select screen, it's now Mission 31.
  • Fixed an issue which occurred when using Delete Formation while using the Formation cursor, causing both cursor types to be displayed at the same time
  • Added keyboard/controller control for the New Reward screen
  • Fixed an issue causing 2 cursors to be seen when changing to delete formation in pause mode
  • Gave the Angel Sheep (Unluckius Lambus) a new cape
  • Fixed a graphical issue with Sleeping Sheep "Z"'s
  • Added a prompt to alert the user that video/audio settings cannot be changed during a stream
  • Fixed German localisation text clipping on the How to Play screen
  • Fixed graphical issues with the Teleporter particle effects
  • Fixed incorrect visuals and collision when using a flipped 'door' object
  • Corrected the non-English text on the rewards screen, which was showing the Zombie Sheep text for most sheep
  • Corrected various level numbers
  • Fixed an issue causing rope joints to not draw chains when there are lots of objects in a scene
  • Fixed an issue causing Giblets from previous attempts remain to after restarting the level
  • Fixed and tweaked various minor graphics issues
  • Fixed an issue in the Level Editor when pausing which caused the cursor to lock to top-right of game window
  • Added a level select button for level 35, which was missing previously


Hotfixes are small changes to the game which compliment the latest update. Since this update was published, the following hotfixes have been made:

  • Fixed the "Soft Landing" achievement so that it can now be unlocked.
  • Localised level names have been added for secret levels.
  • Localised level names have been added for levels 31-35.
  • Fixed the Red Head Band/Lambo reward, which is now awarded after finishing the correct level.
  • Fixed the Red Head band, Punk and Leaf themed Sheep which now appear correctly in the Rewards menu.
  • Tweaked the amount of decoration silhouettes in the background

We're always keen to get your feedback on the latest updates, so go and have a play! Let us know what you like, what you don't like and what you'd like to see more of in this thread.

Be sure to check out the Known Issues thread for a list of problems that we're working to resolve. As ever, keep those eyes peeled for pesky bugs - you can report them to us in the Bugs & Support forum.

Have fun!

Last edited by Mike; Jun 19, 2014 @ 9:29am
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Maximo Jun 19, 2014 @ 12:45pm 
Is the Flower Power reward sheep really supposed to look like it escaped from minecraft? Punk Sheep and Cyber Sheep on the other hand are hillarious. :D
Otherwise nice update for what I've seen now; keep up the good work. Just one thing - was this only for me or is the update indeed 1 GB big?
Last edited by Maximo; Jun 19, 2014 @ 12:50pm
Mike Jun 20, 2014 @ 1:59am 
Hey Maximo,

Yep - the update is just a little over 1GB. The "Flower Power" sheep currently named incorrectly, it will be renamed soon!

Last edited by Mike; Jun 20, 2014 @ 2:17am
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