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Mike Jul 23, 2014 @ 6:49am
Flockers Update 6 - Bug Fixes & New Levels! Build #409
Flockers Update 6 – Bug Fixes, Twitch Tweaks & New Content!

Update 6 was published today which includes a bunch of fixes (thanks for pointing them out guys!), 5 new campaign levels and 2 new SUPER SECRET LEVELS! The full changelog can be seen below along with a quick overview to start off-

New content:
  • The reward ‘black sheep’ is included in the rewards section. It’s not unlockable yet though
  • 7 new campaign levels, including 5 new storyline missions and 2 secret levels
  • 5 new achievements

  • Improvements to the general stability of the game.
  • Massive changes to the way sheep logic works, for a much smoother Flockers experience.
  • Tweaks to level 28 after users have reported that the level is too difficult for its positioning in the campaign list.

  • Teleporter entrance and exit have been made more obvious, so that you can tell which one is the exit and which one is the entrance.
  • Increased size of level select screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Achievement text, image & functionality as they did not match
  • Fixed the "Bleederboards" achievement so it can be unlocked
  • Fixed the achievement 'Good as Gold' which was not being awarded when player met the criteria
  • Fixed the "Air Burst" achievement so it can be unlocked
  • Fixed so that the player is awarded the 'Caught in a Mosh' achievement by completing the achievement conditions- not by launching the game

    Level functions:
  • Fixed the timer so it has been set for Level 1041 (Level 36)
  • Fixed so that level 23 has no broken collision geometry
  • Fixed so that level 28 Big Red Mutton is no longer overly difficult
  • Fixed the possibility to jam rolling ball with door in Level 30 Raiders of the Lost Baa
  • Fixed land mine which wouldn’t detonate in level 7 Breaking Baa-d when sheep were within trigger radius
  • Fixed the objects holding sheep on Level 31 so they can’t tip upside down
  • Fixed the Secret Level 3 so it does not unlock after collecting portal
  • Fixed the game crashing before loading results screen for secret level 3
  • Fixed the black background which occurred when using a restart for the first time in a session on Level 1
  • Fixed total Jumpers on level 9 to the sufficient amount
  • Fixed level 37 which could be completed using a shortcut
  • Fixed Sheep dying when walking in gap between landscape and object in level 15
  • Added enough release abilities to release all sheep in level 7
  • Fixed sheep sliding on a wooden object just above the exit point on level 13 'A-Lamb Clock'
  • Fixed sheep being killed while sliding down in container in Level 15 Sheep Thrills
  • Fixed the box object which could be pushed by Sheep on Level 1049
  • Fixed so that the catapult in Level 9 flings Sheep high enough to reach the platform
  • Fixed partially loaded level display before level 1 FMV stars
  • Fixed the FPS drop when entering a level
  • Fixed pausing state which would stop the sheep animating
  • Fixed pause menu so players no longer lose the ability to place formations or release sheep.
  • Fixed game crash after player selects 'Restart' at results screen or on pause menu
  • Fixed rewards progress before a restart is not saved
  • Fixed restarting level at certain point which would prevent it from loading correctly
  • Fixed star rating which originally appeared in results screen after player fails a level
  • Fixed the ability to pause on the loading screen to go into and out of levels
  • Changed level selection, which now requires two clicks
  • Fixed editor/game crashing when sleeping sheep were present
  • Fixed the fade transition between levels/FE flickers
  • Fixed a bug which caused the keyboard to stop responding
  • Fixed colour desaturation not applying correctly when pausing with space bar.
  • Fixed formation cursor occasionally flipping on its own
  • Fixed text on 8-bit Reward pop-up; it now scrolls
  • Fixed a bug causing sheep formations on slopes to block other sheep from passing
  • Fixed helper signs so they play their Loop animation
  • Fixed exploder timers being obstructed by objects/landscape
  • Fixed sheep performing disjointed step when going over seams
  • Fixed bugs that occurred when entering/exiting the options menu
  • Fixed a bug causing Steam Workshop levels to not accept player input
  • Fixed the Frame Rate which previously locked at 20fps on front end
  • Fixed a bug causing the wheel to slow down when killing sheep
  • Fixed the pause icon; it now changes on the first pause during gameplay

    Sheep Logic:
    Sheep in specific levels:
  • Fixed Super Sheep which can now step into cannon on Level 25
  • Fixed super Sheep flying into the exit in level 37 so they are now counted towards being saved
  • Fixed sheep so they no longer become clumped if they approach 2 Stair formations in level 26- Washing Ma-Sheep
  • Fixed sheep so they cannot turn around when stepping off wooden crate in level 21
  • Fixed sheep so they can’t alternate between passing first obstacle in level 15
  • Fixed so that sheep no longer get stuck on moving wooden crate in level 17
  • Fixed sheep so they no longer get stuck on gravity lift after collecting Golden Fleece in level 15
  • Fixed sheep so they now turn around at bucket object instead of pushing it across floor in Green Pastures
  • Fixed sheep so they no longer go around on ramp in Level 25
  • Fixed an issue with jumper sheep behaving erratically at bridge in level 3- Shock and Awe
  • Fixed an issue with sheep running into landscape in level 35
  • Fixed an issue causing sheep to turn around on ramp in Level 25
  • Fixed an issue so sheep no longer get stuck walking over object in level 27- To me to Ewe
  • Fixed an issue so super sheep on level 37 cannot fail to turn around in alcove
  • Fixed 1-block formation so it works as intended in level 9
  • Fixed a problem with sheep walking up slope in Level 27
  • Fixed the erratic behaviour when Sheep land on 3 Stair in Level 27- To Me to Ewe
  • Fixed so sheep cannot get stuck in beaker in level 31
  • Fixed so that sheep do not turn around on a seam in level 3, 13 and 14
  • Fixed so sheep can fly over cog object in level 17
  • Fixed so sheep cannot fail to navigate over first obstacle in Level 1 School of Flock
  • Fixed so sheep are able to climb onto object in level 15
  • Fixed so sheep can fly over cog object in level 17
  • Fixed the ignorant sheep who would ignore formations
  • Fixed ignorant sheep who would bypass 2 Stair formations
  • Fixed a problem with densely packed sheep getting stuck
  • Fixed sheep so they no longer get stuck upside down if 1 block formation is close to gravity pod
  • Fixed sheep so they can no longer move 2-step formations when the bottom sheep has an exploder equipped
  • Fixed sheep so that they can’t turn around when colliding with a single halted Sheep.
  • Fixed sheep so they cannot jump up the ledge that was previously too high for them to jump up
  • Fixed sheep affected by gravity so they now collide with halted sheep that are not affected by gravity
  • Fixed sheep falling not dying inside Gravity Pod area of effect
  • Fixed sheep with reversed gravity which would get stuck
  • Fixed sheep trying to enter a Formation and getting pushed/acting unusual
  • Fixed sheep which would slide down slopes when exploding
  • Fixed sheep so they no longer climb 2-block Formation after landing
  • Fixed sheep so in two stair formation they now stick in formation- even if large clump of Sheep reach formation
  • Fixed sheep attempting to climb an object bigger than them so that they no longer get stuck
  • Fixed sheep halting on moving platforms so they no longer hover like UFO Sheep
  • Fixed formation slots so that they cannot be instantly released
  • Fixed halted blasted sheep so that when it lands it no longer weighs down a motorised object
  • Fixed exploder sheep so that they move in mid-air when detonating
  • Fixed densely packed sheep so they no longer get stuck
  • Fixed sheep so they no longer attempt to step up circle instead of turning around
  • Fixed sheep so they can’t get stuck trying to climb up 3-Step formation
  • Fixed the 3 step formation which no longer breaks with too many sheep
  • Fixed so sheep do not get stuck against geometry when trying to complete formation
  • Fixed so sheep no longer turn around when reaching certain switches
  • Fixed so sheep don’t appear to turn around when walking over the top of other sheep
  • Fixed so sheep can’t slip past formation if parallel sheep reach formation at same time
  • Fixed so sheep no longer get stuck trying to get over round object in Level 37
  • It is no longer possible for a sheep to get stuck in School of Flock (level 1)

  • Fixed so that player is able to place an available formation after hovering their cursor above another exploding formation
  • Fixed hanging a step Formation over a ledge so that it no longer lets sheep far below it occupy it
  • Fixed step Formations rising to the ceiling so it can’t land on/pass through landscape
  • Fixed Jumper Sheep so they can fill formations placed near Gravity Pod on level 1046
  • Fixed possibility to lose ability to place formation
  • Fixed formations so they can’t disappear and release halted sheep if placed on a slope
  • Fixed formations landing on moving objects so they can’t halt sheep in the wrong positions
  • Fixed stair formations as they were immediately cancelled when used on sloped surfaces

  • Fixed the motion blur on static buzzsaw in level 10 which was missing
  • Fixed the blood being applied to some moving objects- where blood splats were static
  • Fixed the grey tint which would remain if player restarts level while gameplay pause is used
  • Fixed the teleporter particle effect outside of teleporter
  • Fixed the blood which could be applied to animated landscape pieces- where blood splats were static
  • Fixed the formation drop/fill effects which were displaced
  • Fixed the tutorial banner in secret level 1 which was layered behind level dressing
  • Fixed game cursor which was visible over level 1 intro FMV
    Made Lambo easier to see against certain parts of background in Level 21
  • Fixed the issue that the ability crate images in the 'How to Play' menu did not match the in-game assets
  • Fixed the level artwork so it matches the collision on level 40
  • Fixed the visual issues with dressing in level 37
  • Fixed the super Sheep which animated incorrectly down a 45 degree slope
  • Fixed the issue with pause overlay when alt-tabbing out (when in full-screen)
  • Fixed the floating mine in level 31

  • Made Red Head Band Sheep have descriptive text
  • Fixed the fact that "8-bit" Sheep was labelled as "Flower Power" in all non-English translations
  • Fixed the introduction message to secret level so it is no longer only partially displayed
  • Fixed the old unsupported character in French name for 'Green Pastures' level

  • Level 1 Intro FMV audio settings do not match in-game music volume settings.

    Front End:
  • Fixed so that when a movie plays the FE sound can’t be heard over the top of the movie.
  • Fixed the incorrect number of maximum sheep to be rescued in Secret Level 3 'Green Fingers'
  • Fixed the new play screen to fit to 4:3 ratio resolutions
  • Fixed the movie nodes so they can’t appear locked when they aren't
  • Fixed so that a player can scroll more than 50 places up and down from own position on Leaderboard
  • Fixed so there is inertia on the campaign level select menu
  • Fixed so that the crash does not occur when exiting the game
  • Fixed the leaderboard so entries for Level 30 no longer exist for old level
  • Fixed so there are no longer blank fields in the Controls option with text strings displayed upon change
  • Fixed failing level 30 so it no longer gives 2.5 stars on results screen
  • Fixed the level information panel so it no longer flickers when highlighting some levels
  • Fixed ' Lamb Slide' which showed an incorrect value for maximum Sheep able to be rescued- Level 31

  • Fixed so that the game won’t crash when attempting to launch custom level
  • Fixed so that the game no longer crashes after selecting 'Exit' on pause menu on level 14
  • Fixed so that the game no longer crashes after selecting 'Exit' at Pause menu
  • Fixed the crash which occurred when selecting a level through the renderer

  • Fixed the chat window as it did not have text reticule
  • Fixed the problem with minimizing which would lose webcam footage and lead to crashes when exiting

We’re always keen to get your feedback and for you to report as many bugs as you can so we can fix them for you! Remember to report those that you find in the Bugs & Support forum.
Last edited by Mike; Jul 23, 2014 @ 6:53am
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TNT4THEBRAIN Jul 23, 2014 @ 10:08am 
Yeeesss!!! Thank you! :D
Thund3rstr1ke Jul 23, 2014 @ 11:01am 
nice update!
gameplay feels alot more fluid now.
Mike Jul 24, 2014 @ 2:20am 
Thanks guys - what do you think of the new levels?
Maximo Jul 26, 2014 @ 6:13am 
The new bonus levels are nice, I like number 4 for being so extremely different.
The others; I must admit, I haven't played them yet, I'm in level 32 right now. But the level select screen is nice; I'm really looking forward to seeing these gigantic boss machines in action. :D

One thing:
"Fixed pause menu so players no longer lose the ability to place formations or release sheep."
What exactly does that mean? I still can't do anything in pause mode.
Last edited by Maximo; Jul 26, 2014 @ 10:39am
Influxity Jul 27, 2014 @ 8:57am 
Originally posted by Maximo:
One thing:
"Fixed pause menu so players no longer lose the ability to place formations or release sheep."
What exactly does that mean? I still can't do anything in pause mode.
Originally if you went into pause mode you'd sometimes lose the ability to use formations and other abilities when you unpaused. This has been fixed.
Daggermouth Jul 31 @ 6:50am 
Great! Will you be bringing the update to consoles as well? Xbox One and PS4?
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