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BenTeam17  [developer] May 6 @ 11:07am
Hello all,

Before reporting a bug, please refer to this list of currently known issues that are being looked into:

  • 0042346 - The level timer on Level 21 (Lambo - First Blood) begins at 71582:47.
  • 0042391 - It can be seen that exploded pObjects are not being cleared up after they have exploded.
  • 0042622 - A bright light can be seen in certain levels
  • 0042375 - The threshold required to meet 1, 2 and 3 star scores appears to not function correctly on the results screen.
  • 0042160 - After a restart, the customization items obtained from abilities will look tiny.
  • 0042326 - If the player improves upon their score for a particular level e.g obtaining a 3 star rating after previously only obtaining a 2 star rating, the game will not update with their new score. Instead, the first star rating achieved will display permanently.
  • 0042701 - Workshop levels appear brown and unlit
  • 0042393 - Sheep that are affected by the gravity pod in 'Flipping the Sheepie' cannot exit the level via the exit point.
  • 0042384 - Sheep can exhibit behavioral issues when navigating over landscape seams.
  • 0043057 - New Level Select screen does not have controller/keyboard control
  • 0041631 - If a player uses the correct sequence of pauses/resumes, the game will become stuck in pause mode.
  • 0040279 - Place a vertical 2 block formation in front of a group of sheep in a small .space and one sheep from the group will sometimes step over.
  • 0043193 - Secret mission title 'Green Pastures' does not appear in 'play' menu
  • 0042363 - Russian - Certain characters are not appearing in Russian.
  • 0042354 - Text that hasn't been translated is blank.
  • 0042435 - Depth of Field needs to be re-implemented into the game.
  • 0042464 - The Mouse sensitivity option is currently working from incorrect values.
  • 0041967 - Formation boxes staying after level reset
  • 0043187 - Game will crash when attempting to play an old custom level
  • 0043190 - Zombie sheep missing/invisible on Rewards menu
  • 0043171 - Game hangs on loading screen when selecting next after completing level 29
  • 0042978 - Level order has changed, their numbers have not
  • 0042614 - Sheep don't fly as far from explosion if other sheep are on top
  • 0043151 - New Reward screen does not have keyboard/controller control
  • 0043027 - Twitch icon upside down when streaming paused
  • 0043025 - Setting quality settings too high shows streaming is active but the stream doesn't get through
  • 0043018 - Unable to stream if no sound devices are enabled
  • 0043288 - The achievement 'Bespoke Winner' unlocks under the incorrect conditions
  • 0042298 - It is possible for a sheep to get stuck in School of Flock
  • 0043595 - Pause state issue results in sheep which stop animating
  • 0043609 - Player loses the ability to place formations or release sheep after accessing the pause menu
  • 0042996 - Keyboard controls to move camera no longer function correctly

  • 0042315 - The sheep killed/sheep saved leader-boards are not calculating as they should be.
  • 0042255 - There can be an FPS drop of 15-20 frames per second when entering a level.
  • 0042195 - Game may crash after player selects 'Restart' at results screen.
  • 0042483 - Input lag may occur when VSync is enabled
  • 0043199 - Secret mission title 'Green Pastures' does not update sheep saved value.
  • 0043005 - Selecting F7 doesn't appear to trigger adverts
  • 0043046 - Level 1 intro FMV does not fit a range of non-16:9 or 16:10 resolutions
  • 0043020 - Alt-tabbing out of full screen while streaming stops the game responding

This list will be update regularly as the game develops.
If you have reported a new issue and it hasn't yet been added to this list, please be patient as it will be added as soon as we have the time.
Issues which have been resolved will have a strike through them - like this.

Thank you,
Team17 Support
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