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Blood of the Bosses
by Manjaro
Tired of being killed so many times against bosses? Tired of them making you and your animalistic rage seem mediocre? Tired of of all those bats that hit you in half the levels? Well tough biscuits on the bats, because this guide ain't for them. What...
Another Boss Strategy Guide (Blood of the Werewolf)
by Guides for Games [Catherine]
Helpful hints to get you out of those 5 boss fights alive! Gameplay can be done with keyboard or gamepad. Just use keybindings that work for you....
How to Find Sigils and Upgrades
by Guides for Games [Catherine]
A guide describing how to look for the items in-game...
Blood of the Werewolf - Badge Guide
All 'Blood of the Werewolf' Badges which you can earn by crafting a set of 'Blood of the Werewolf' trading cards....