Majesty: Gold Edition

Majesty: Gold Edition

Vincent Jul 3, 2014 @ 3:52pm
Compared to Majesty 2?
Couldn't find any info on this, but what is the difference between Majesty 1 and 2?

I have played 2 quite a bit and just picked up 1 and am about to play it,
but I don't see anyone comparing the two games?

Are they the same at the core except for 2 being 3D and stuff?

Or are they different enough that the original still warrants playing?
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Andi Jul 3, 2014 @ 4:26pm 
Very long reply incomming.

Personally, I like majesty 1 better than 2. They have the same basic structure, build guilds, recruit heros, they fight stuff stuff and level up and buy stuff, ext.
For me, majesty 2 vs 1 is just a list of pros and cons, and which pros/cons you feel have a greater impact on your personal enjoyment.

For example, one of the things that I feel is a con about majesty 2 is the temple heros. In majesty 1, there really isn't any difference between the guild heros (rogues, warriors ext) and the temple heros (Priestess of Krypta and ext). In majesty 2, temple heros are completely different from regular guild heros. You can't build temples until you have a level 3 palace, and even then you can only build them in specific locations (compared to whereever you want in majesty 1) and they are super expensive compared to regular heros. They are also way more powerful than normal guild heros, with way more impact on the game. I personally like for all of the heros to be relatively equal, which is why I feel like this is a con toward majesty 2, but you may feel differently.

On the other hand, one of the things that makes majesty 2 better is the guild-specific upgrade move system, where you can purchase additional moves for your heros to make their combat less repetitive and more interesting. In majesty 1, the extent of teaching new moves to your heros is getting their weapons poisoned, and learning some spells at a library if they have a high enough intelligence stat.

One thing that you may notice if you ask a lot of majesty 1 fans about majesty 2, they will tell you that they don't like it because 2 doesn't "feel" the same. The main reason for this is that heros in majesty 2 seem to be much lazier. Usually, they arn't going to take a step outside of town for anything less than a $500 reward flag. In majesty 1, heros are much more into taking the initiative themselves, and questing out for adventure on their own. In majesty 1, your control over your heros is much more 'hands off' than in 2. You can try to shift their general 'stream' with strategic placement of inns and stores and the occational reward flag, but generally, if they get it in their mind to do something, then that is what they are going to go out and do. They don't just laze around town often.

Majesty 2 does a lot into making each class of hero seem unique with guild specific unlockable moves and the such, but I just don't enjoy it as much as 1, but it's really up to you how you feel about them.

In conclusion, majesty 1 is definately worth a play to anyone, and since you're comming from majesty 2, I'm just gonna say have fun playing, and leading in majesty 1 is more like redirecting a stream than individually picking out and flagging every objective that needs to get done.

(P.S. Majesty two doesn't even have the temple to Lunord. WTF happened to Lunord between 1 & 2? LUNORD FTW!!!)
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Vincent Jul 3, 2014 @ 4:28pm 
Thanks for the long reply man, that explains a lot :)
Reality Jul 10, 2014 @ 7:27am 
I prefer majesty 1. I had it first due to disc.... I feel like the game has a more showy style (the charather and monster portraits for one thing ) As mentioned, most temples are avalible to palace level 2 and they can be placed anywhere, but their heroes are about even with other kinds. On the other hand I think the additional cost of building multiple of one building is more extreme in majesty 1, so you'll still want to use them.

You aren't rushed at the beggining on every intermedaite+ map in majesty one, but there are some times when you are, and the enemies in this one can really over specialize you. Medusa has 80% magic resistance rust spitters and treants stop melle heroes, and skeletons pose much more of a threat to archers than in the second game. You have to think through every level.

Your less able to get away with upgrading blacksmith last, because heroes act differntly here, they are almost always trying to find unexplored monsters/ attack lairs without flags, and it's your job to keep them scared so they don't die at early levels running away, rather than trying to get them away from your city like in majesty 2. Game moves faster in general, most heroes and monsters are faster than their majesty 2 counterparts and have less hit points, money collection is simpler IMO. Big enemies like rock golems, dragons, yetis, evil oculous feel more event mini bosses rather than everyday occurences.
Andi Jul 10, 2014 @ 12:20pm 
Very well put, Reality.
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//// Jul 11, 2014 @ 2:07am 
here is not so long reply. i think, biggest flaw of majesty 2 is that there are only 2 bosses fighting units (yes, i use word units because it's more strategy game than fantasy kingdom simulator). it's paladins and priestesses of agrela. without them you simply can not beat most campaigns. all the other heroes are for fighting regular monsters...

and one of the better parts of majesty 2 that i miss here is monster kingdom campaign. you won't find this in majesty 1.
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Crazy Alchemy Aug 2, 2014 @ 7:34pm 
Here's the short answer.

Majesty is a Fantasy Kingdom Sim, in it you build guilds and recruit heroes who act like sim heroes and have their own little adventures. You direct them with rewards and build shops and blacksmiths and stuff for them. Your heroes wander doing their own thing and if you throw down reward flags the ones that take interest get to it when they feel like it and then collect a bounty to spend.

Monsters are varied not only in appearance but behavior, some wander around, some hunt down your heroes, some like to harrass markets and houses. There are also varied upgrade paths, with temples and racial structures. This creates an immersive game experience.

Majesty 2 is an RTS with no sim elements whatsoever. You build guilds and recruit heros that walk patrol paths never doing anything interesting unless you throw down a reward flag, at which point they go straight to it like robots. They never spend time at shops or any misc structures because they aren't sim heroes, they're robots on patrol.

Monsters in Majesty 2 all rush straight for the castle on auto attack paths. They come in different shapes and with different attacks but they're all pretty much the same. Majesty 2 isn't a spiritual successor to Majesty at all.

Paradox holds Majesty fans in low regard and Paradox representatives have expressed this many times on the forums, they think there aren't enough of you to be worth caring about.
Sorry for the late reply just seeing this now. For me personally Majesty 1 is a more beauitfully created game and at its core is more truer to the "sim" genre than its sequel. Majesty 2 unfortunately like most modern games these days only excels in its graphics department somewhat compared to its predecessors, the game play and overall playfulness of the game isn't as magical or fun imho really as it was in the original. Also, imo the artwork and old style of the "2D" architecture and textures feel a lot more "richer" in detail to me, but that could just be the old Heroes of Might and Magic 2 fan-gasm coming out of me right now hehe lol. Both are great games, I just definitely prefer Majesty 1's mechanics and concepts a lot more. Majesty 2 is a great game still but the heroes and overall town has lost its feel. A lot was lost in the making of Majesty 2 maybe something they can work on if someone ever happens to develop a Majesty 3. I hope this review was helpful. add me if you want to ever play a game of Majesty 1. or 2. However although I think I am located in the Southern Hemisphere so lag issues could be a problem :( [sucks being an aussie in an international world lol]
Originally posted by Red♥♥♥♥♥♥34093781746313794:
Here's the short answer.

Paradox holds Majesty fans in low regard and Paradox representatives have expressed this many times on the forums, they think there aren't enough of you to be worth caring about.

So sad but yet so true. Majesty is such a niche game/genre in itself I believe and thus we get the same deserved attention that small "minority" groups get/receive. :(

I wish they would try harder on a next Majesty game, by god who knows the gaming world needs it. What with all these ♥♥♥♥♥♥ fps cods and lack luster rpgs :( strategy is where it's at and I hope they realise it soon and build on that :)
Crazy Alchemy Jul 4, 2015 @ 6:40am 
The sad part is, no other game like the original Majesty has ever been made, so people like Shams go around decreeing that a game like the original Majesty couldn't sell and all they have to go on is a game released 15 years ago.
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