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FlamboyantMongoose Jan 28, 2014 @ 2:34pm
Possible to finish the dungeon fish (or complete the game)?
i notice that flipping the levers underwater does not open the doors, so i cannot progress past the part where you have to dive underwater, hit the electricity switch, hit the lever, go through the opened door, and then pop up out of the water (soon after obtaining both the swimsuit and fishy key)

i notice nobody has stated that he or she has actually finished the game, so i was wondering if it was possible this dungeon or not due to this glitch
also was wondering if it is possible to finish the game with all the glitches present
i have pushed past a couple hundred without stopping me completely until now
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FlamboyantMongoose Jan 28, 2014 @ 2:45pm 
ok i figured out the dungeon fish bug
for anyone else stuck on this glitch: you have to hit the elctricity switch and then suicide so you respawn out of the water and can progress
so you use a bug to circumvent a bug
this game...

got pushed into fighting the dungeon boss against my will and wanted to take a side path later but the fish also disappears after finishing as a warning to anyone else not yet here
and oh man the swimming in this game... wow
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