3079 -- Block Action RPG

3079 -- Block Action RPG

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phr00t  [developer] Nov 14, 2013 @ 6:55pm
Forum Moderation & Developer Communication
Hey everyone!

I'm actually pleased with the overwhelming support I've received here. Thank you everyone who helped out! I did, unfortunately, have to moderate some posts & users, but things overall are going very good & people are getting Steam keys, questions answered & thoughts are being shared.

I will have to get back to development, since I am a one-man team, so I won't have as much time to spend in this forum as I did at launch. DigiMink has been a great help, so I want him to know it is appreciated.

Please try to keep the forum focused. When I do have time to come here, I want to spend my time answering legit questions & seeing if there are any bugs that need addressing. If I find myself spending too much time moderating (and talking about moderation), I may have to spend even less time here.

My email is phr00t at gmail dot com and here is a link to my Twitter feed where you can also contact me in the meantime!

Thanks again & I hope you are enjoying my game!

- Phr00t