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Poobah Gorg May 15 @ 4:16pm
No way out?
I went to the station where you get the stealth thing. I have auto-target turned on.

Red ships immediately started mass-attacking me. I had leveled myself up to level 4 and had about as good of weapons as a level 4 player could get (off the loads of free stuff you find aorund Persistance). Problem was, auto-target went right to the station, not the half-dozen or more enemies that were swarming, disabling and destroying my ship. I hit both Tab and T a few times, but it wouldn't target the baddies. They killed me three or four times, and from past experience once that's happening your gear starts breaking down. Eventually your gear gets worse and worse and there's no hope of killing any of them.

I'd spent HOURS gathering stuff at Persistance, and had traded dark matter for almost every blueprint I could buy at the first station. I'd invested a fair bit of time trying to build up a crafter-type that also kills things as needed. Kind of disappointed that I can't even get past the introductory section of this particular (newbie) quest.

Here's the thing, it won't let me jump out of the system (blocked by the quest). So I've just got to die over and over and over again until I want to delete and restart my game? Seems like there needs to be a way to retreat and rebuild somehow. Particularly in a quest that's supposed to be easy (and was way easier the last time I did it).

I'm getting to the point where I want to set the game's difficulty to "drooling idiot" level. I enjoy challenging games, but I half-think the game has accidentally scaled up the enemies on this quest a bit overmuch.

In my last game I got similarly stuck on the viral one. Once I had them disabled and boarded one, every other ship in the area would lay into me and I'd die. If I was even fortunate enough to get them disabled.

I my tendency to to spend hours on end in Persistance gathering loot and leveling up screwing up my game? If these are the easier beginning quests, I'd hate see the tougher ones.

I like this game a lot, I just wish it didn't go right from "pick up mountains of free gear" to "get your ♥♥♥ torn off with scant hope of prevailing, dead end, die over and over and you can't escape to rebuild at all."