Seanobi Jan 8 @ 7:44am
Default characters better than creating them?
I have played Wasteland many years ago, even though I never got far in it. Recently seeing this on Steam, I HAD to get it. Anyway, the default characters start out with some weapons, ammo, and a few other things. Their stats aren't too bad either I guess. But when creating your own unique roster of characters, you start out with nothing. This makes the game much harder in my opinion, as I didn't find any guns, or any other type of weapons except my fists. So automatically I decided to put skill points into brawling during the character creation. Needless to say, I was still getting my butt kicked.

Is it me, or is it a much harder start when creating your own roster? And for default characters, concerning their skill sets, are those any good to be able to play through the game with? I'm also wondering if the original character roster will be set in the story and/or lore of Wasteland 2. That would be awesome if so.

Please apply your thoughts and opinions. Oh, and stay out of those hot radioactive areas.
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Cutlass Jack Jan 8 @ 9:16am 
(edit: meh, stupid me. Wrote my original response thinking it was Wasteland 2. Lets try again.)

Yes default characters start with gear. However, you can strip them naked, then remove them from the group and put their gear on your own created characters.

And you'll be happy to know that default group is in Wasteland 2. I'll avoid spoilers but you'll meet a few of them very early and hear rumors about the others.
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๖ۣۜRevolucas Jan 12 @ 6:28am 
The default characters actually suck. Create your own team using the Per Jorner's guide:

Just read the Character Creation and Preparation sections to avoid spoilers.

Some of the default characters from Wasteland 1 do make an appearance in Wasteland 2. Vargas, for example, is General of the Desert Rangers.

Brawling is pretty OP in Wasteland 1. Makes the game a ton easier.
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Seanobi Jan 20 @ 12:31am 
Thanks for the input, guys :)
magelord01 Jun 1 @ 8:58am 
You can just give every character you creat in "Wastland 1" 2 points in Brawling, and you're good to go! You see, over time, skills (including Brawling) will go up as you use them! So before you know it, your characters' Brawling skills will be Level 4 or more! What Brawling does are two things: 1. It increases the number of melee attacks a character can do per round (specifically: for every 2 points in Brawling, the character's number of attacks goes up by 1); and 2. It improves your character's accuracy with most melee weapons, with two exceptions: the knife (which needs the Knife Fight skill) and unarmed combat (which needs the Pugilism skill).
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anon8431 Jun 27 @ 9:19pm 
Originally posted by magelord01:
You see, over time, skills (including Brawling) will go up as you use them!

This doesn't seem to happen in WL2, which is (for me) a huge turn off of it. Changes the fundamental game dynamics in a huge non-positive way (for me). :(
Dragoon Jun 28 @ 11:55pm 
Check out this guide for help to create characters and what skills to avoid.
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