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Драконогеддон (маг на невозможном без потерь)
Компиляция советов для беспотерьного прохождения на невозможном за мага ...
A Collection of Tips & Tricks
by Paradosi
This game deserves an actual guide, so I thought I'd share all my tips & tricks that I gathered from my playthroughs. There won't be any story spoilers or what not, the guide will be focused entirely on gameplay elements(such as best units, best skill...
Cheat Codes
by Soliolangley
In Adventure mode, press Shift + ~ on qwenty keyboard or Shift + ² on azerty keyboard, to display the console window....
King's Bounty. Легенда о рыцаре|King's Bounty: The Legend
by AlexanderDalas
Описание Классов....
Beginner Tips
by Darguss
This is a short guide which includes hints and tips for players new to the game or genre....
Free Troops
by Gabu Dovahkiin
Instead of buying troops in the early game, just place your troops on garrison at the castle. Then enter in a fight without troops, after the defeat, u won some cash and a few troops. Repeat until you get a full army. ...
by Crugaglug
Just quick overlay links to guides ...
Chest of rage/Spirits of rage
by Biggus Dickus
This is a guide on the spirits of rage, what they are what they do and how to get them!...
Looting on maps
by Damn Pete
Through playing I figured out a quick tip to improve your army reducing casualties and becoming more powerful at your current level....
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