Twinrehz 2012年9月8日下午2:38
King's Bounty: Legend for mac not moddable?
I have recently aquired a fancy portable mac, capable of playing King's bounty. The only problem is the font is so incredibly tiny it is nearly impossible to read without sticking my face almost through the screen.

I've done some extensive googling on the subject, but all I can find is the info on how to do it in windows, and this method apparently doesn't apply to the mac version, who couldn't possibly care less about the modifications I make to the files.

I found an interface mod on 1C's forums, which works fine in windows, but I can't even get it to load the mod on mac.

Does anyone know where the mod-folder should go, and why my fiddling with the actual game files doesn't do anything at all?
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mefi_whir 2012年10月29日下午12:35 
Frankly the vanilla game is barely playable on the mac, let alone moddable. This is beyond a doubt the worst Mac port I've ever seen.
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