King's Bounty: The Legend

King's Bounty: The Legend

Kargor Aug 2, 2013 @ 12:47pm
Tutorial question :-)
Yeah well, the tutorial doesn't seem to tutor anything at all, and I thought I might get past the questions early on.

Anyway, I've already done the dragon fight twice (and not saved), with similar outcomes -- loosing the peasants, priest and archer completely, and decimating the knight and horseman. And I didn't even get the princess, just some doll. Well, I wouldn't mind a doll, but not THAT kind.

Apparently, on the next fight, I start with whatever troops survived the previous one. And according to the NPC, that fight is harder. I'm guessing the fight following that isn't going to be any easier, if I actually manage to survive the 2nd one. And to top it off, the scrolls are one time use...

I'm still not quite sure how the movement/combat works, though. On the second fight, I thought that the dragon would have to move 6 fields to reach my troops, so he couldn't fight anymore since he has a speed of 6. However, the dragon moved those 6 fields as expected, and then killed the peasants as well which came as a surprise.

Of course, my main question is: can this fight even be done without massive losses?

I will try some more options, like checking whether I can shoot an ice arrow across the entire map -- not sure what that does, but maybe it will slow down the dragon. I'll also try to move the peasants away from their location, and maybe the other two on the adjacent fields as well, but even if that works it will only give me 1 turn as the dragon can pretty much cover any distance.

I guess there's nothing that can be done to prevent a counterattack? I tried attacking from different directions based on the movement line that was shown and the direction of the attack-icon, but attacking from behind doesn't seem to improve anything since the dragon just turns around before I can stab him in the back.

Also, sometimes the horseman would actually ride away from the dragon, turn around, and then charge back forward. I didn't see any indication that this would happen, or a way to control it -- does it actually DO something, or is it just for visuals?

Oh... and then there's the chest. On the first try, the first thing I did was opening that. On the second try I ignored it, but it seems it only exists on the combat map (even though, presumably, the combat map should just be a close-up view of the area, not an alternate reality...). So I guess I'll open it on the next try again -- shouldn't be too much of a problem, as on the first fight, IIRC, the dragon pretty much ignored the horseman that moved to the chest and went straight for the weak troops as well. So I'm not expecting any negative outcome from opening the chest while the dragon is too far away to hit it anyway.
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Darguss Aug 2, 2013 @ 2:51pm 
*Spoiler Alert*

It’s only the tutorial. I will give you some tips on the dragon. However you don’t keep any of the troops regardless. So having said that, the tips. Generally I would slip up my weaker troops so the dragon uses his turn up. You want your stronger troops to attack without a counter-attack. This means that you don’t want your stronger troops to attack first. Also do not bunch up your troops next to one another. The fire-breath can damage your troops if they are next to one another. Just repeat with your “cannon-fodder” and you should have most of your stronger troops intact.
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