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=T$ECore= SuspectW 2012年12月9日 12時37分
Is it good TBS game?
I'm buyed this game because I'm heard what it's really looks like HoMM. I'm fun of TBS games, HoMM, Disciples and others. Someone can confirm, what it's really cool TBS?
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Foxiz 2012年12月10日 4時13分 
This game is REALLY cool :) it's more like and RPG because you can walk unlimited turn's on the map,do quest's and so on.but battle's are in turn's like HoMM's i'am a really big fan of HoMM and i like this game very much :)
Le Carcajou 2012年12月12日 11時00分 
I never played HoMM, but I can confirm that KB:TL is very fun. The battles are addictive, and really the heart of the game, I think. The graphics are very much like those in Warcraft III, with lots of details everywhere—not "state of the art," but certainly very pretty.
Rumpleman 2012年12月14日 4時52分 
KB is really fan. Especially if you fan of HOMM series. There are a lot of references to this game serial. It is RPG with tactical TBS combat. Of course it is not really RPG. Graphics is fairytale, there is also nice humour in game. Game is not very serious, it mock a lot of fantasy stamps.
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