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MiddleMan's Orgasmic Moustache 2013年2月8日下午3:27
Hearts of iron III not working Please help!
Hi, I bought HOI3 and got the for the motherland DLC, anyways, I successfully installed it, then I click play on steam, the launcher starts up successfully, but when I click start HOI3 on the launcher, the launcher dissapears and nothing appears. Please help, thanks :) - MiddleMan
最后由 MiddleMan's Orgasmic Moustache 编辑于; 2013年2月8日下午3:34
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Chairman Mao 2013年2月10日下午11:12 
you need to have all the expansions to play if not tell me
MiddleMan's Orgasmic Moustache 2013年2月11日上午9:41 
tyvm, it works now, you're awesome bro :)
GreekLegion 2013年3月1日上午4:35 
hey robert, my lad has all three expansions but doesn't have the vehicle ones would this stop the game running becuase he's having the same problem as middleman?
spm1994 2013年3月1日下午2:49 
It should'nt, i dont have any of the vehicle expansions and mine works fine
cmilesjr 2013年3月4日上午4:33 
Manually run from the HOI3 directly. Then try runnung from steam or desktop. worked for me.. might help you.
cmilesjr 2013年3月9日上午10:29 
Hope that helped someone. :-)
shadow_furion 2013年3月16日上午2:03 
hello guys!!! i have the same issue with the tfh. I don't know why but when i launch the game from the launcher icon it says hoi_tfh.exe stopped working and i can't find any sollution on the net!!!!!!
p.s. i have the complete package plus the dlcs and the problem occured few days now without any sense!!! it was working just fine a week ago. pls if anyone can help me !! thank you
shadow_furion 2013年3月16日上午2:04 
hoi3_tfh.exe is the right message !
MiddleMan's Orgasmic Moustache 2013年3月28日上午9:26 
shadow_furion 2013年4月17日下午11:55 
I found the sollution !!!!!
If anyone still has launching issues as i did then try this.
the problem was the audio codec. All i did was to download shark of k lite codec programm and the problem was solved! in other words, problem was music.
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