Nino 25. März 2013 um 17:49 Uhr
VCOMP100.DLL is missing from your computer, game on't strt just shows the title screen.
This is getting really annoying, so far i've bought 2 indie games from steam, and everytime there is some sort of problem where the game won't even start corretly. Please help or i will have to stop playing indie games. Thanks. I am running windows 8, and no the problem is not w8
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Achmanrun 25. März 2013 um 17:57 Uhr 
This aint no indie game though, just not working lol
Nino 26. März 2013 um 0:32 Uhr 
Lol the Graphics i've seen in the vids are so low grade thought it was Indie, lol
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