Wadeyboy Nov 21, 2013 @ 12:33am
Talisman Prologue
I can now add after getting onto their tech support (which I have to say is very good), I can now give a better overview of the game having spent several hours of playing and can update my advice from above; Don't buy this game! It's singleplayer only, you don't even get AI opponenrs and there is no way of playing with other owners of this game online. Think of some of the truly great and enduring boardgames like monopoly for example. How much fun would that be if you if you and only you were playing say the motor car. Would Monopoly still be such a classic? No of coutse it wouldn't.
As there is an early work in progress pf this game on Steam (but I would NEVER buy an unfinished game becaise what guarentee ifo you have that the final release is going to be a good game. If Rome 2 didn't teach gamers not to buy a game until a few months after so patches can be given time to get the game playable. Then read (or watch) a few rerviews amd ONLY THEN buy the game. You will get it ar a much more afordable price). Amyway I digress. Back to Talisman, when I bought Prologue, I assumed they would give us poor suckers who bought Prologue some way of upgrading to the mulrplayer when mulrplayeris finailly does get a release! But this is where that idea was blown away when the only way of upgrading, as verified by the guy at tech support "You will have to buy the multiplayrer game when it's released too.There won't be any upgtrade paths or deals! "
What mngs they must think we are!! So to summ up:" DON'T BUY THIS GAME""