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How to improve your Eu3 experience
by Caladria
As anybody who's played a game of Eu3 knows, the game can be fraught with annoying occurances including blobbing, the ai rapidly expanding and then imploding as well as the dismal lack of major country unifications occuring repeatedly. This guide details ...
How to Play Europa Universalis 3: Divine Wind
by The Turk
This is a video tutorial, teaching every aspect of the game, that a complete beginner to the Europa Universalis franchise, or to Paradox Games in general and even advanced players, will find useful in getting to understand the mechanics of this game. Ther...
EUIII for Beginners, by a Beginner
by Dr. Jesus
A meditative guide to getting started with Europa Universalis III, designed to get beginners started as soon as possible so they can learn by themselves. The guide talks about what kind of game EU3 is, the problems faced by newbies, and how to get playin...
EU3 Divine Wind Simple Guide
by One of the Good Guys
This guide is meant to give you some basic strategies and to help introduce and acqaint new players to the game mechanics....
Hosting Multiplayer
by Charles of Tours
This guide is for those having trouble hosting multiplayer, and may help some people join games....
Traducción al Español del EUIII
by Sabbra™
Traducion de los textos de Ingles a Español de Juego "Europa Universalis III"...
Europa Universalis III Русификатор
by /RGBD/Кабан-XXII-
Русификация Europa Universalis III Complete!...
by The God Emperor of Mankind
Europa Universalis III guide
by Dumb Doggly
A very basic guide to playing Europa Universalis III. This guide is intended for Europa Universalis III Chronicles or Complete with the Throne and Divine Wind expansions....
The Invisible Fortress
by Gwooooood Mwoooooorning
"Europa is a stupid country." - Woll Hilland Resident Irish Potato Squire of asganastan...
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