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furrykef May 27 @ 3:30pm
Week-long deal was not a week long
I added this to my cart yesterday intending to buy it once I've sorted out what else I'm going to add to my cart. Now the deal is gone. WTF?
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Sesho May 27 @ 5:04pm 
yeah, i had it in cart to buy and then forgot it till today and it was back up to $9.99. Of course, that changed my mind about purchasing it.
CitricBase May 27 @ 8:22pm 
Same here. Maybe that particular price was a mistake, lower than they had intended or something? After all, it did only come out a few months ago.
S teamified May 28 @ 12:15am 
Oh well, they lost me as a buyer too. I'll wait until its bundled and they'll get 10 or so cents from me instead of $3.00
Snake May 28 @ 11:52am 
Pretty much reposting what I posted in another thread:
Well, they just lost another customer. I would have got it at the discounted price. I hope it's an error and the old discounted price would come back. Sleazy-♥♥♥ devs cancelling their WEEK-LONG deals on day 2... Nope, no business from me.
Hazel's Sparkles May 28 @ 4:23pm 
Same thing here. It clearly said that june 2 was the limit day. I hope they change it, nobody is paying THAT for this game.
Sigarrett May 29 @ 5:11am 
It does not appear anymore on the weeklong deals page. Something happened, but we're not allowed to know what. I see the game on sale on DESURA. Fill the gap ...
Snake May 29 @ 5:53am 
That's an easy gap to fill. Sleazeball devs.
CrazyDoc_666 May 29 @ 4:55pm 
WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WEEKLONG DEAL. Was ready to purchase but taken away. INCREDIBLE....
misr12 May 29 @ 6:42pm 
i was just able to gather up the money for the game and now the deal is over guess i'll wait till next
misr12 May 29 @ 6:43pm 
furrykef May 29 @ 7:45pm 
I think calling it sleazy is a bit out of line. It isn't as though we're losing anything. That said, it is rather bothersome. If they didn't want it to be a weeklong sale, it shouldn't have been put in weeklong sales.
Starforsaken May 30 @ 7:03pm 
Same here, was supposed to buy 2 copies but I was busy all week. Too bad, another lost sale (x2).
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