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ogeraisi May 26 @ 3:48pm
How is this game?
Is it any good?
Is it worth buying? (at full price / at discount)
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rhyraptor May 31 @ 9:04pm 
I bought it on sale and would say that it was worth it. Would not have wanted to pay full price.
I thought it was pretty and interesting, but the puzzles tended to be too confusing to complete without a guide.
frans Jun 26 @ 4:23am 
Yes, nicely made, but after some while you get annoyed (for not being able to progress due to no idea what to do) which gets this game shelved, like others. or erased.
It looks nice, idea is good, but I get stuck at so many places......just no fun anymore.
But maybe my IQ is just low to do this game.
Could be.
In that case, can someone state min. IQ to do this game? Thx.
Kuri Jun 26 @ 4:48pm 
I think this game is really fun but there could be more talking and explaining. But anyways it is sometimes a bit tricky coz u dont know whereto click or there are some bugs with solving riddles. Cute game to keep your brains exercised! :D
frans Jun 27 @ 6:09am 
Getting 1 matchstick is nigh freaking me out. Can't even think of 2.
Need to have them otherwise game cannot be finished.
But I am (with it).
Will try a different game. After erase i get 1.1GB back too.
Too bad.
lanpigen Jul 1 @ 12:38pm 
To me it feels kind a to complycated. but it looks fantastic :)
[LZBZ]RevN3 Jul 14 @ 7:36pm 
It's very frustrating.
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