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Elder Sign: Omens
by BakuDan
This contains all the advice I can come up with on how to find success repelling the unspeakable evil of the Elder Gods in Elder Sign: Omens. I make no claim to perfection, but within my group of friends I've had the most success, so I wanted to share wha...
Beating Cthulhu the easy way
by Dimitri Cosmos
Tired of cruel randomness of Ultima Tule? Think outside the box! Here's a way how to complete the Cthulhu campaign in a relaxing way....
Strategy for Dark Pharaoh: increase your odds
by Dimitri Cosmos
Dark Pharaoh is one nasty piece of demon avatar. To beat him you must have as much items as possible. The key to harvest sufficient amount of items is to play solo with one character. Which characters and allies to choose and why, is what this guide is ab...
Beating Ithaqua solo
by Dimitri Cosmos
The problem with Ithaqua mission, is that you always need extra items and extra glyphs; otherwise the odds are against you. And there's no better character to have extra glyphs at you disposal than Jenny Barnes. She doesn't guarantee 100% success, but you...