theOtherGuy Dec 5, 2013 @ 11:58pm
Lost Ranger Status in Umar Hills
Okay, so I helped clear out the loggers and gave the guy the Mithril Amulet. Then I went to go finish the Windspear Dungeon and killed a Dragon. Went back to Umar Hills and got locked out.

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jesusonsteroids1 Jan 20 @ 3:44pm 
You have duties as a ranger and every 4 game days the boy Delon gets sent to find you. If you aren't above ground then the quest fails. You get locked out and lose the items you had in there for storage. The Mayor also has a few things to say to you as well. Sorry. Happened to me and I lost the Crom Faer scroll.
theOtherGuy Jan 20 @ 4:29pm 
Yeah, ended up just reverted backing to an old save. There was a recommendation to just complete those quests before moving on so I did that. Just kept sleeping at the INN and checking outside until the boy came. Kind of sucks though...
DarkExcalibur42 Jan 20 @ 4:40pm 
The "Stronghold" quests are frequently disappointing.
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