LadyMythica 2014年1月19日 14時03分
Did I just kill the romance?
So I'm trying to romance Anomen in the game, but I called him out being arrogant. Did I kill the romance? Or is it still possible?
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vApor 2014年1月19日 16時11分 
I have never done the Anomen romance, but I have done the Aerie, Viconia, and a few modded NPC romances, and typcially it just takes one bad conversation to ruin the romance. You might want to load to a point before the conversation to make certain you are still romancing him. If not that, then there are some cheats you can use via the debug mode to resume the romance.
Wayfinder 2014年1月19日 16時26分 
I once did the Anomen romance in an ealier version of the game. If I remember correctly, you did kill the romance. vApor is right: all it takes is one conversation to ruin the romance. For that matter, all it takes is one bad answer. Hopefully you have a recent save to reload.
DarkExcalibur42 2014年1月19日 16時46分 
If you don't mind playing with the CLUAConsole you can reset the variable you goofed and get a second chance at his dialogue.
LadyMythica 2014年1月19日 19時47分 
Well, it looks like I'm going to have to do a lot of stuff over again. Thinking positively, I can redo some stuff I probably could have done better.
DarkExcalibur42 2014年1月19日 19時55分 
This is true... though... what do you have to redo and why?
LadyMythica 2014年1月19日 20時06分 
A few quests as I saved the game several times after that conversation thinking one little conversation wasn't going to hurt anything.
LadyMythica 2014年1月19日 20時06分 
Thankfully they aren't that hard.
DarkExcalibur42 2014年1月19日 20時25分 
Oh, I thought you meant a bunch of other conversations or quests went south and you need to do them over.
(MWM) Agent 420 2014年1月19日 21時55分 
ive never done the male romances.. not interested lol so i dono i know the girls are touchie if you say the wrong thing once its over, just like real life sometimes Dx i just love to get all 3 girls in my party and watch them cat fight over me hahahah
LadyMythica 2014年1月19日 22時48分 
It is rather amusing to listen to romance option characters fight over you. Though in real life it can be quite terrifying.
DarkExcalibur42 2014年1月19日 23時19分 
IRL love interests fighting over you? That goes onto the list of problems I've never had.
LadyMythica 2014年1月20日 6時04分 
I've never had it happen to me either. But I've seen it happen to friends and it looks awful.
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