socialwaif 2014. febr. 14. @ du. 2:44
blank black screen
my game starts up and briefly flashed the main menu before the screen turns blank/black. weirdly, i can still click on icons. and i can see my mouse cursor as a gauntleted hand.

Help appreciated
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socialwaif 2014. febr. 15. @ de. 8:48 
anyone know what the contact email address is for Beamdog tech support? i need to send this to them as a bug.
davisdavec 2014. febr. 17. @ du. 10:54 
Hit M for map and locate your character that way.
socialwaif 2014. febr. 18. @ du. 2:16 
sadly, hitting m or nearly any other key had zero effect. the only key, f12, did take a screenshot. i can get past the main menu and see some sort of character selection type screen, very briefly. i tried hitting m and stuff there too.
Wolfromm 2014. febr. 19. @ du. 2:59 
There was a video card update that hit yesterday that doesn't allow me to alt-tab out of the game anymore. If I do, I get exactly what you're describing. I can alt-tab back into the game though. You might try that. Its possible something hiccuped during loading and it tried to minimize on you.
socialwaif 2014. febr. 21. @ de. 10:42 
yeah, ive had no issues nor luck resolving this by alt tabbing. my hope is that it may randomly begin working after an update
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