Sean & Co Feb 9 @ 5:27pm
Blank screen
After character creation game started. I can only see character dialogue and my mouse cursor (Including what i can interact with) but I cant see anything else. So i dont know where im going or clicking on up to the point of interaction.
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Sean & Co Feb 9 @ 5:30pm 
Any help would be amazing. Thought there'd be solution to this on the web but im a little stumped...
davisdavec Feb 17 @ 10:58pm 
I had to hit M for map the screen was way off my character. Once I hit M for map I saw my character was way at the bottom and once I clicked on him on the map I coould see again.
Sean & Co Feb 18 @ 10:48am 
Ive tried bringing the map up. Thing is its a blank screen for just the area im walking in. The mouse changes and i can move around but i cant see anything that im clicking.
Showing 1-3 of 3 comments
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