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The Entropy Bible: A helpful guide for new players.
by EiEiO
V 1.8.0 is the first part of a massive over haul of the guide(1.8.5 will be next update when i finish updateing more of the guide.) For my sources I have used some of the manual, what the devs have said on the steam forums, and my personal experiences ...
Intro to Entropy: Getting Through the Tutorial
by Callagan
This guide will lead you through character creation and the tutorial missions, providing help and details the game does not provide, as well as ways to avoid and fix common issues....
Das Entropy Handbuch: Eine Anleitung für neue Spieler
by uwe
v1.6 Als Basis für diese Anleitung dient der fantastische englischsprachige Guide von EiEiO, den ich ins Deutsche übertragen habe. Als Quellen dienten EiEiO das Handbuch zu Spiel, Bemerkungen der Entwickler in den Steam-Foren und natürlich seine ...
Intro to Entropy: Get Into Mining Quick!
by Callagan
This guide gives you a quick intro to mining. Also includes images!...
Intro to Entropy: Reloading and Refueling
by Callagan
A quick guide on how to refuel and reload your ship....
101 Salvage/mining guide
by [TDBH] Marquis
How to make the most of Salvage/mining This is my guide on what everything’s worth for new people or players who want to know the market value of the items they find in decal fields! ...
Ship spec. and tips
by Black Rain
Ship spec and some usefull information concerning playstyle...
Piraten Missionen
by uwe
Kurze Beschreibung, wie das mit den Piraten Missionen funktioniert....
Ability CHIPs Guide
by Thyriel
Since most of the new Chips lack the description on the chip itself,here is a list of all If anyone wonders about the energy usage: A Razorwasp with energy CODE 0 can run a chip with 10 energy / sec endless (no skills or modules). CODE +4 can run tw...
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