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Useful Links - How to Get Help/Support
Welcome to the Entropy Early Access on Steam!


Quick Start Guide
This New Contractor Orientation Manual is intended as a 'quick start' guide for the current alpha build of Entropy. It is split into a number of sections covering different aspects of the game, arranged in the order that a new player will encounter them when they first start playing.

As the game continues to grow and evolve throughout the Early Access period, we will also update and expand this document. We're dedicated to making Entropy the game our players want, so please get involved via this Entropy forum and let us know what you think, both about the game and this guide.

Current version: v1.00 9th December 2013


If you have a question relating to the game, it's content, or minor issues in-game we ask that you discuss these here on the Steam General Discussion Forums. Entropy is a community driven game and both developers and other players will be regularly engaging here and helping stuck players out!

Bug Reports Forum
If you have identified a bug then please report what you have found to aid with the improvement of the game.
Restricted to game owners only

Bug Reporting Guide
You can really play your part by taking time to report a bug, and following the guide will ensure this process is as efficient & quick as possible

Technical Issues

If you have a problem with launching the game, crashing, or another major issue which prevents you from playing please follow this guide to get help:

How to get Help
  • Go to your Steam Library
  • Right Click Entropy and Select Properties
  • Select the Local Files Tab and then Click "Browse Local Files"
  • Open the "Entropy_Data" folder and attach "output_log" to your support e-mail
  • Send a message with a useful subject-line and detailed description of your problem to entropysupport@artplant.no - A developer will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please also include your system information.
From your Steam page, press "Help" > "System Information"
Copy paste this into a text file and include this in your email to us


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Entropy > General Discussions > Topic Details
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