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Bedlam Jul 18, 2014 @ 12:52am
Should i get this?
whats the difference between this and eve online?
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ursa Jul 18, 2014 @ 4:34am 
i never played eve. but have heard this very different.you can actually make a difference here!.i have played this since first release and love it. i bought the $20 pack and it all u need however i wish i had bought a higher pack for the character slots. the extra starting cash and ships really would help in getting started....i play on US server i in australia lag not to bad at all..have heard EU server has less player, but entropy has low average player base anyway..hope you can join
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ursa Jul 18, 2014 @ 5:40am 
lol i find it hillarious that people who never played a game can say dont buy it!
Nienko Jul 18, 2014 @ 8:21am 
2d travel system and avg 10 players online... Following this game from day one, but I see no reason to buy it.
Jake1 Jul 18, 2014 @ 8:35am 
The game is worth playing. The community is small, but active.
Gatau Jul 18, 2014 @ 9:00am 
buy the game, its awesome and the devs are working hard to make it more awesome. playercount will increase in time, thats for sure !
Black Rain Jul 18, 2014 @ 9:52am 

1 - payment model. When you buy eve your really just borrow it from devs paying them, here you really have game

2 - State of production, eve is ready geating new additions but core mechanics wont change, game will get only more complicated, here its preaty much alfa game changes new things are aded and thigns that people do not like are changed (aka 2d travel changing into full 3d becouse of demand)

3 - Level of complication, Eve is time consuming and complicated with skills requaiering time to learn, here you have less skills that simply boost your efficiency, game is simple ships are modable wihout need of spending 10 houers learning 1 skill, its all standard rpg leveling style with exp from fighting and or mining without requiering skills for new weapon or ship.

4 - Gameplay eve is more press fly there kind of rts/sim this is dynamic you have to activly use ship even in mining or salvaging, you point ship manualy were to go.

5 - art style, right now overall art style is more gothic then shiny eve style. Right now it looks likt it will be Warhammer 40k type ship sim in changing market (in atmosphere)

6 - Story sotry behind whole thing is much difrent so you can actually creat your own alien and do what you want wihout racial conflicts this is both + and -

7 - Potentaial, overall potential of this production is biger then eve, tho eve is in much more developed, which is kind of obvious state.

8 - Price - how much will you have to pay in eve to be able play normaly? Well here its not so much.

9 - Freandliness - game is not punishing, that means evry ship have safe cargo something like 20% of entire cargo that wont be lost when died, when you do die, ship is transported back to 1 of nerby stations.

10 - beter mining - you need to relocate alot small change makes mining much less boring and forces you to be active, its big + for me over eve.

11 - Simple resources?? - there is only few resources that are in tiers for example common metal, rare metal and exotic metal - hoever since in some time crafting will apeare i am not really sure will it reamain like this. I assume soo, but well you know its not 100% sure.

12 Devs - they are here listening and well given really strong feedback they change core of the game. Whole thing with situation with 2d to 3d transition. 2d was suposed to be basic of the game, hoever they changed it becouse of fan wanting them to do soo.

13 - Did i mentioned that you actually have the game after buying it? If yes then i will repeat it again becouse thats quite importent difrence for me, you know to be able to stop playing and not be afraid that after some time i will have to pay again just to star from the spot i stoped.

14 - NPC ship - right now they are more active then in eve, they are basic but i hope it will change later on.

15!!!! - One of bigest, when you have character that is for example fighter pilot, becouse there is no need to learn those skills you may (given that you have the money) jump in too miner ship and go mine, you wont be as effective but there is nothing stoping you.

16 - no archeology - for now, map is huge so you will have alot of places to go and have alot of potential but there is not much beside basic now.


1 - Market - as far as i understand economy is suposed to be eve like in time.

2 - pvp - Its also a case piracy exist, also corporation anc cartel war is in place too.

3 - Ship moding - you can customize your ship, but no special skills require

4 - Alot of places to go, tho not really discover, for now atleast.

There will be big update - i mean BIG or alteast series of few updates - that will change base of game soon. On your place if wuld buy it or atleast watch it.

Game as i sayed have great potential and will be good alternative for any space mmo in time.

Right now not much to do, but since there will be no hard reset its good idea to come early and create for yourself base for later. - also crafting and 3d will be added soon with it more people will come as there is alot of (for example me) with stored items, just waiting for proper time to come back.
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Darkfire Jul 18, 2014 @ 9:57am 
Wait - don't buy it yet, because the dev are re-working the game at its core - removing 2d map, where you spend most of your time. Without it, this game will be a very different game... so you don't know what you're getting in to. It may be great or it may suck... wait and see.

Also, devs are working on crafting. It will be a core aspect of this game and could really help pull folks in, away from Elite Dangerous, etc... but only if the crafting is good. That's another reason why you should wait and see.

So, right now, it's wayyyyyy too early access IMO.
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Bedlam Jul 18, 2014 @ 11:32am 
thanks for the replies, seems I should wait a bit more before buying.
knightblaster Jul 18, 2014 @ 7:42pm 
Yes, probably best to do so.

EVE is a very different game from this one. Great game, but different. EVE is much more complex, and much more varied (and also much older, meaning it has had time to develop). This one is more in the vein of a space flying sim, in an MMO setting, whereas EVE is a sandbox space game that is more strategic than sim. It's a question of preferences. I like them both (EVE player since 2004), but I know that most do not like both kinds. It's good for the market overall to have different kinds of space games, I think, to cater to different preferences.
Volkira Jul 19, 2014 @ 1:31am 
I haven't played this since early access.
I wanted to be a trader but soon found out all the skills could only raise if you did combat.
There was no specific tree for a trader.You were stuck at level 1 until you did combat missions.As selling goods got you no xp so hence no way to gain levels.

But a Combat focused player could get skills in mining and trading just because they did combat.

Has this changed.Can you just be a trader?
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Black Rain Jul 19, 2014 @ 2:25am 
as far as i know, since the begining you get exp from fighting (most) mining (medium amount) and Salvaging (alitle bit) also most probably crafting when it is released.

You can always be just trader as leveling is preaty much optional, also they are missions that reward exp alitle bit of money and faction reputation, to transport goods or pasangers.
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Volkira Jul 19, 2014 @ 3:54am 
What I would like to see is where a person can be a trader and through trading gain experience to gain skills for trading.I don't want to mine ,I don't want to concentrate on combat or salvage.I just want to be a great merchant that has the biggest trading ship delivering goods to dangerous area's
I just want a skill tree for trading.
Better engines,better turning,better ship,better discounts for goods,storage skills to increase cargo space.Access to goods that others can't purchase such as dangerous or fragile goods that only a veteran trader could transport.
Not asking for any combat skills.

I really think there should be different skill trees for Combat,Mining,Salvage and Trade.
Maybe if they had such a thing then the game would be more popular.
Because as of now it's rubbish that you have a sandbox.You don't you have to be a fighter that can also be a trader,miner or salvager.
There is no other way to play this game.As if a someone that wants to be a sole trader wants to be level 1 throughout the life of the game.That's just such a joke.

At least other games like Elite Dangerous will allow me to be what I want.

Black Rain Jul 19, 2014 @ 4:26am 
If you are a treder then you enter special thing called mission board and check which one is on your way to curent destiny, you can get alot of exp this way wihout salvaging or mining. I can be hoever i want in this game, i am miner/salvager fly with ship that have no weapons and i am heappy with what i got.

If i want to play as a trader i just make missions that i am ok with in the mater of way i am curently going....

Not to mention this is early acess and crafting/market changes will change how the game works. Including exp... since market will be player controll not ai.
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