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BlunterII Jun 26, 2014 @ 1:35am
BlunterMod v2.4 is available for testing
Just published the next version of my mod for Silent Storm Sentinels.

BlunterMod v 2.4[]

5 versions of Splittermuster 45 uniform, unique versions of existing weapons, multiple game play changes, all default REs are scripted now, new lighting, several new scripted REs, HE rounds are temporarily gone - converted to 'surplus' ammo instead, 3 new enemy classes ("Grunt", "Zombie", "PK Operator"), all PKs have been overhauled (stronger, better, faster, auto-destruct) and a Soviet Intel subplot featuring Lt. Colonel Mikhalev from H&S ~ 7 missions... + v 2.3

If you are interested, please visit the mod thread at StrategyCore[]

~ Blunter ~
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AppleNorris Jun 27, 2014 @ 7:43pm 
Ok, will see what this mod is o_o
Morkoth Jun 29, 2014 @ 2:07pm 
Very good so far but finding some strong weapons very early makes the game so much easier somehow. Also - i dont know if this is the doing of this mod or some other i installed - grenade ranges are so long now that it feels overpowered. Overall its really nice to see such mods for this old but immortal game.
BlunterII Jul 4, 2014 @ 11:48am 
Right, just keep in mind that most of the changes I introduced are experimental. They can and will be changed as I get more feedback from the testers.

[EDIT] Remember that the enemies in the new encounters from the Soviet subplot and all the new random encounters (REs) are stronger, better scripted, equipped with grenades and overall present more of a challenge to the player (compared to the vanilla ones). In light of those changes, you might appreciate better weapons earlier...[/edit]


ReadMe for v2.4:

Includes v2.3 plus v2.4 changes



- Numerous spelling corrections to the original campaign item descriptions, hints, journal entries and dialogs



- HE rounds have been removed from the game (temporarily). "Sea Devil" HE ammo remained untouched




a) ATP (Accelerated Training Protocol) area added to the base. It's accessible through an elevator located in the lobby.
- Door leading to the ATP is unlocked after the player becomes a Sentinel and talks to Sgt. Ozwell
- The strange contraption in the middle updates party members’ attributes and skills
- Specific skills and attributes are only updated if the player found and activated the appropriate key cards (Red - Dexterity, Shooting, Snipe, Burst; Yellow - Strength, Melee, Throwing, VPs; Green - APs, Evasion, Stealth, Spot, Interrupt; Blue - Intelligence, Medicine, Engineering)
- The yellow card is given to the player by Sgt. Ozwell when the player gains access to the ATP area. The red one is found in Zepernick (the Kommandant drops it) or in the Kopenick's "Vault" (the latter is not finished yet)
- Once all the cards have been installed a new quest "The Sphere" begins driven by Prf. Compton.
- The green and blue cards are not obtainable in this release.

b) Shooting Range area added to the base. Shooting Range is accessible through a door in the ATP area
- Door leading to the range is unlocked after the player becomes a Sentinel and talks to Sgt. Ozwell
- The left target gets replaced every 50 hits.
- The terrorist/civilian (2 targets to the right) training is incomplete.
- The empty area past the gate is unfinished.



Currently, they include only "Counterfeit" (which is also a part of Soviet subplot).

- Banker interactions are conducted through Dialog Mode windows with bulleted responses.
- Bringing the report to Herr Lander changes bank currency exchange fees from 20% to 10%
- Bringing the report to Herr Lander yields an access card allowing the player to explore the "Vault" area in Kopenick
- "Mint" in Kopenick is NOT finished yet and thus unavailable
- Stocks are accepted by the bank now



Introduction of new adversaries: an ultra-nationalistic organization "Die Wolfe" and a mad scientist dubbed "The Professor"
Currently, this subplot includes the following scenario zones:

- "Bodies Found" (starts the Soviet sub-plot)
- "Counterfeit" (Soviet sub-plot splitter)
- "Debrief 1" (auto after "Counterfeit", introducing "Mikhalev's dilemma)
Depending on Cpt. Danilov's allegiances and the player's judgment the subplot splits at this point into 4 branches.
- Drug Dealer sub-branch: "Paretz" (merchandize drop off) and possibly "Blumberg" (lab and minefield)
- Replacement sub-branch: "Falkensee" (Dr. Meyer's clinic) and possibly "Bredow" (mansion with Mikhalev's double)
- Both sub-branches converge either in "Zepernick" (featuring "Die wolfe's" local Kommandant) or "Potsdam Outskirts" (featuring one of the Kommandant's elite squads)
- "Seefeld" (bloody note with a print)
- "Fingerprints" (Mikhalev's staff thumb print file)
- "RR Depot" (arrest the mole)
- "Debrief 2" (Ends the Soviet subplot. The player gets rewarded with "Protector" armored suit. The player can bring the docs found in some of the missions to Mikhalev for extra XP. We also meet Ivan the "mechanic" here and receive the next set of missions - "Upgrading the Protector". Opens "Lom" in Norway. "Lom" is not complete yet.)



Note: Most (not all) 'uniques' have their accuracy increased a little (from 1 to 7 %) through a database tweak

- 9mm Mauser Export rounds added (a powerful pistol round)
- PW wz.33 (unique TT-33 pistol with tweaked accuracy. Found in “RRDepot”)
- “18 confirmed” (unique scoped Springfield rifle)
- “Skull” (9mm Mauser Export unique M-712 found in “Zepernick”)
- “Dark Steel” (unique Kar-98 found in “Blumberg” ruins)
- “Volltreffer” + 6x scope (”Bullseye” found in “Hinting Lodge” RE). The scope needs to be mounted by a person not available in this release.
- “S&W” Model 10 (found in “Bredow”)
- Mac-50 pistol (found in “Bredow”)
- Poisoned Scalpels (found in "Falkensee"). Feature high critical hit and unconcious probability modifiers.
- "Vendetta" (unique Chatellerault MG, found in Rocco's inventory)
- Mannlicher carcano M94/21 (regular with no scope)
- Kar-98 (regular with no scope)
- Steyr Solothurn MP34 (9mm Mauser Export)
- Gepppisztoly M39 SMG (9mm Mauser Export)

- Armor Piercing (AP) rounds' damage is ~ 75% of the regular round now
- High Explosive (HE) and Incendiary (IP) rounds are gone (except "Sea Devil's" HE)
- Surplus ammo has been introduced. They are more common but deal ~ 10% less damage and have ~ 4% less penetration than the regular rounds.

- Most unique weapons' stats (from all releases) have been significantly reduced (in response to valid concerns of them being on the OP side)



- "Opium Package" not usable yet.
- Usable alcohol bottles added (regular, strong & spiced). The first two temporarily remove critical conditions, the last one buffs VPs.
- Blue dress + Italian backpack female uniform
- "Splittermuster 45" uniforms (1 male, 4 female versions) added. Currently, found in Zepernick.



- New Chapter "Brandenburg" added
- New Chapter "Central Norway" added
- New background textures for England and Switzerland.
- New global map markers for Bavaria, Brandenburg and Central Norway created and added.



- Created 4 new classes: "Saboteur", "Infantry Grunt", "Zombified", "PK Operator"
- New Class "Saboteur" - Soldier/Engineer hybrid. Supports 39 character level-ups
- Almost all enemies and some allies have a new perk panel attached from a new class called "Infantry Grunt"
- Enemy PK pilots enjoy a new "PK Operator" perk tree with "Second Skin" being the first perk in it. Now they are not hindered by any PK penalties and present a real challenge.
- Zombies have their own melee-oriented perk tree. They are very deadly if allowed to get close to their targets.



- Every Random Encounter (RE) is scripted now and enemy perks are distributed at the start. Enemies patrol along the roads in a loop (with a few random behavior patterns)
- Enemy levels have been readjusted and overhauled. By default they were capped and calculated based on the combined average player party level. Now they are Hero level based and not capped (only slightly reduced at very high Hero levels in some chapters).
- New lighting patterns have been introduced. Sunny morning, sunny morning (low fog), dark night fog, very dark night fog, night low fog, rainy day fog.
- PKs are stronger, more encumbering, auto-destruct and have increased sensor range (depending on the model)
- ABRS robot (a potential party member found in one of the S^3 secret missions - SECM 3) could not be hired/activated if your Hero's engineering was < 121. Now the process of "activating" the robot will succeed as long as one of the party members passes the ENG requirement.
- ABRS robot has its armor reduced to 340. The type of armor ABRS currently has is a regular PK armor (more susceptible to rifle / MG rounds with lower ricochet probability). Later, Ivan will offer to upgrade ABRS.
- All non-silenced weapons are now heard by (i.e. alert) everyone on the map when discharged (achieved via database tweak). No more "Calm" AI state (smoking enemy icon) when the battle is raging on a few dozen feet away.
- Most evidence (RPG Items) are color marked (Yellow - important, Red - Crucial).
Note: Keep the evidence you find.
- Bringing evidence and completing bonus objectives earns extra XP (up to a whole level). The process is Hero-level-based (meaning that if your hero is lvl. 14 and there are party members who are lvl.5 - those might advance to lvl. 12-13 upon receiving that reward.)



- Poland (NW corner) features 2 new REs: "Village" and "Ruins". Populated by bandits and smugglers. "Village" has two versions: basement - 4 variants (no fog), no basement - 3 variants (fog). One-time RE "Ruins" is a difficult 7 wave defense encounter. The only place to get "Sea Devil" and its ammo.
- Bavaria (NW corner) has a new "Bridge" RE. There are 6 variants: 4 "Bridge" and 2 "Overpass" (with small ruins)
- "Hunting Lodge" a one-time RE in Brandenburg added. Populated by smugglers. Watch out for Linz' spouse in there... a nasty lady. The place to get "Volltrefer" and a scope for it. "Hunting Lodge" is part of the unfinished "Collector" sub-plot)
- Some original (S^2) REs were enabled
- A One time RE "Clinic" added to Brandenburg (starts "The Vial" sub-plot, which is not finished yet. "Wansdorf" is incomplete.)



- Soviet Base (and the future American Base) are now accessible through the Brandenburg camp (a modified and scripted GDR camp zone). Just camp in that chapter and you'll see what I mean.
- UK camp zone, currently used in England, Bavaria, Poland and Switzerland, received a significant face lift.



- Carlton mercenaries' stats significantly reduced
- Minor changes to terrain and buildings to improve path finding
- Zombies have "Zombie" perk tree
- Bandits are for the most part "Infantry Grunts" now
- Bandit PK is now relatively weak. It auto-destructs when PK's armor drops to 0. The pilot's class was changed to "PK Operator" with all the appropriate perks and stats.

Please visit the thread at StrategyCore - Silent Sorm Series - Modding for the links, the mod details or if you wish to leave a comment...

Thank you.
~ Blunter ~
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flagyl2 Jul 20, 2014 @ 5:27pm 
I haven't downloaded this mod yet, but thank you for all the time snd effort. It is appreciated.
BlunterII Aug 8, 2014 @ 11:06am 
You are welcome. :)

I am working on a crafting system (medical and explosive items) and remotely activated explosives at the moment.
Please, visit the thread[] at StrategyCore if you are interested.
~ Blunter ~
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derzruud Aug 17, 2014 @ 9:30am 
Just started new S3 campaign with your mod, Blunter. Looks pretty good :)
BlunterII Aug 19, 2014 @ 8:16pm 
Thank you for trying it out, derzruud.
There is an update coming up. Please, check out the thread at StrategyCore...

Lots of pictures... :)
~ Blunter ~
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