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Liro Raeriyo Aug 23 @ 6:47pm
Scout is stupidly OP once he levels up enough, he literally can throw things like shurikens at a cost of 2 AP at the ranges most rifles hit for 60% from a snapshot, while it may only be about 20% hit chance, the average rifle costs 16-26 AP per snap shot while as i said, shurikens can be thrown 8 to 13 times with the exact same AP cost.

Im sure that you can hit 1 AP cost if you grind to some really high levels.
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Slasher_101 Aug 24 @ 8:51am 
Nice, I've tested setting my guy's level to 100 and the AP cost for melee and throwing knives goes so far down that its negative and it actually gives you AP XD

If you want to get hold of a lot of shurikens you can do the rare encounter in north england (botton right corner). I don't wanna post spoilers but google it if you're in need shurikens.
Liro Raeriyo Aug 24 @ 10:17am 
No thats exactly were you get them, my scout is so powerful he can single handedly take care of it.

I'm thinking that when i do a solo run next time, its gonna be with a scout, might have some troubles early on but i can see it working pretty well, especially considering that a katana can take down panzerkleins, just gotta get melee high enough that the katana doesnt eat all my AP
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