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ccwylde70 Aug 17, 2014 @ 3:06am
The Perfect Wooden Door Opener
Just curious what other people most prefer. For me, it's the newly discovered STG 43. The only SMG with higher damage dealing that I've found are the two Thompson varieties, but the STG's got a ridiculously low Short Burst cost, and one short burst at close range seems to turn every wooden door into complete kindling, leaving me lots of extra AP to do ... other fun stuff.

Alternatively, nothing says 'Hello & Goodbye' simultaneously quite like the MG 34 & MG 42 machine guns on full auto, but by & large I opt for the STG 43. Now if only it wasn't so hard to track down ammo for the darn thing !
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Liro Raeriyo Aug 18, 2014 @ 12:14pm 
i prefer explosives, why take out just the door when you can take out a peice of the walls as well!
ccwylde70 Aug 18, 2014 @ 11:08pm 
Originally posted by Liro Raeriyo:
i prefer explosives, why take out just the door when you can take out a peice of the walls as well!

LOL perhaps you have a point there :)
Liro Raeriyo Aug 19, 2014 @ 1:17am 
Another favorite door opener of mine when no one knows im on the map is to fire a gun to make a bunch of noise, place a mine right at the door, and the second they open that door... KABOOOM! thats one messy opening you just made. (this works much more effectively when the door opens outwards)
KittyKittyBang Aug 20, 2014 @ 8:06pm 
My favourite door-opener was a wee M61 grenade on the door, walk back, turn around, and shoot it. ..If I suspected there was another person behind the door I might go for an F1 or other fragmentation grenade. ..If there's no down-side to the damage, bigger grenades might be an option. :)

Grenades do have the advantage that it's only a snap-shot to set it off, so you have action-points to spare for anyone that might be behind the door.

The STG-43 is a brilliant weapon (it gave us the modern assault rifle), but I don't like scavenging ammo, so I don't bother if I'm playing the Allies. The FG42 is my next choice-- no long burst, but it inflicts enough damage for a short burst to be good enough most of the time. I tend not to use the full-size machine guns -- too bulky.
ccwylde70 Aug 20, 2014 @ 8:51pm 
Hehe another for grenades I see :) Hey, I finally found an STG-lover's heaven, though ... I'm on the mission where you lose if the civvies die ( think it's in Switzerland, a single large compound with at least 4 levels up and 2 levels underground). Every other enemy in here looks to be packing an STG (and more importantly, extra rounds !) I'm scavenging like the biggest buzzard, even picking up extra STGs I don't need and unloading the clips, used or not, before discarding the weapons.

Back on topic, though, another weapon that's doing pretty good on door opening is the AVS-36 sniper rifle. Using the '2 shot burst' seems to do the trick rather nicely as well w/o being 2 expensive AP wise. And since there's tons of that ammo lying all around, well ... starting to save my STG for more important work (like clean-up AP fire when my last snapshot rifle round doesn't get the job done). Sure, the accuracy isn't that of a snipe-snipe, but it's far and away better than standard SMG or a pistol pop, and it finishes jobs oh so well. Also loving this destructible environment. So amazing to find one of very few games where you can actually shoot THROUGH obstacles that you ought to be able to at least TRY to shoot through. Really is refreshing :)
Liro Raeriyo Aug 20, 2014 @ 9:32pm 
I know what you mean, the destructible enviroments in this game make it feel like if you know what you are doing you can manipulate the world around you to your advantage, for example one of the random encounter missions in... oh i forget the name.. the german town place, you can see a very large container that creates an incredible explosive charge when shot, i simply make a large amount of noise their, hide and retreat with my noise maker in the back corner in the basement, and when a rather exemplary force has moved into the building, i shoot one round with viper and see afew bodies droping down into the new skylights ive created.

destruction most certainly is a great thing in this game.
sunseekers_ Oct 29, 2014 @ 2:08pm 
I prep a mine by the locked door in question, retire a dozen or so places, then lob a hand grenade or a stick of dynamite onto the mine in order to detonate it. Takes out the door, wall, floor and ceiling as well.
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