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ccwylde70 Aug 12, 2014 @ 9:38pm
Lovin' this AVS-36 Rifle !
Though I'm not that far into this game, I've already gone through A LOT of rifles (G-41Ws, SVT 40s, Carbine 98Ks, Garand M1s ...), but this newest one I've come across, I'm just loving it. The AVS-36 ... well, in comparison to the others, um ... just wow, there isn't much comparison ... Damage: 31-38 puts it right up there with some of the SVT 40 as one of the best I've seen so far, but not gonna stop there. Clip Size comes in at a whopping 15 Rounds !!! Now that is excellent - there are some other rifles out there with 15 rounds that I've seen, but they don't carry that kinda shooting power. Snap Shot comes in at a nice low 16 as well. This also puts it on fairly even footing with the other heavy-hitting rifles listed above. While there are some rifles with lower snapshot (SVT 40's 1 AP lower), most of them are also in the lesser firepower range.

While all of this is enough to already sign me up for this weapon, it also has another trick up its sleeve that none of the others I've seen so far have yet, and that is the SHORT BURST ! Granted, that Short Burst is only a 2-Bullet affair, but at the same cost of 16 as the Snap Shot, and not lacking much in Aim %, this can really be a difference maker ! Plus it gets my sniper some skill ups in Burst w/o ever having to close-in & use the SMG ! (I still have an SMG on the sniper, for those close encounters, anyway, but this is FUN stuff !)

The only small ish, if there's one to be made here, is the Range of 46. This is still quite good, though there are some better running 48 - 50 among the ones listed above - but most of those're due to scopes. Which leaves me wondering if there's a scoped version of the AVS-36, and if so, can you still pull off 2 shot bursts with it ?

While I'm sure the old hats at this game're probably laughing in their beer over this post and that there're probably even better rifles to find further along, I'm having a blast (um ... yeah, I said it) with this weapon, :) Now if only I could find more than one of them ....
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Liro Raeriyo Aug 14, 2014 @ 1:26pm 
Yeah i remember the first time i found that rifle, threw it on viper and just kept giggling since he became the most effective member of the party for a good long while, until i found a silenced sniper rifle that is.
ccwylde70 Aug 17, 2014 @ 2:59am 
I've found some silencer rifles, of the dart variety, but didn't think too much of 'em ... then again, I haven't ever tried hitting an enemy with a dart. Well, I tried earlier with the dart-gun, but never seemed to hit with the darn thing, lol ...

On the plus side, I found a 2nd AVS-36 just yesterday. Which is perfect, really, since I have two snipers in the game, and the 2nd one was getting really jealous!

Liro Raeriyo Aug 17, 2014 @ 9:07am 
im pretty sure those are tranqualizer guns, they can incapacitate a target without killing it, useful when you have to bring an enemy unit back alive with you.

i forget how they work exactly though, im basicly rediscovering this game all over again from when i last played it in 2007.
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