Aartform Curvy 3D 3.0

Aartform Curvy 3D 3.0

MadPoet Dec 8, 2013 @ 3:39pm
Video Tutorials
Am I missing something or are the video tutorials for this program both few and not very good?

I am trying to do something very basic in the demo. I want to subtract one solid from another intersecting solid. I haven't found a good video explaining it (or is it that it is just that difficult in the program itself?)

If anyone knows of a good source for Curvy video, I'd like to know. The ones on YouTube and the dev's site are poor. (And when I say "poor" I mean unclear, not to the point, using basic, straightforward language and demonstration methods to illustrate the lesson).

The lack of good tutorials is going to be the make or break for me on this purchase.
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Aartform Games  [developer] Dec 10, 2013 @ 12:15pm 
There is a bit about subtraction here:

But I agree simpler more focused videos would be useful.
MadPoet Dec 10, 2013 @ 1:40pm 
Thanks for the response.

I had to chuckle at that video. That video illustrates why engineers should never write manuals (text, video or otherwise). I work with engineers a lot. Great people, but few can explain how to put on socks to a layman.

To the program: why is subtracting one solid from another so convoluted? Doing the whole "parent/child" thing in Curvy is baffling. That's programming language stuff that doesn't seem to have a clear purpose in a CAD program. I'm no CAD expert, but the few CAD programs that I have worked with are much more straight-forward about subtracting solids.

But my favorite method is in Tinkercad. It's a little, very basic online CAD program that is sadly going to be discontinued. Tinkercad lets you designate a solid as basically negative space (a "hole") that you can tweak, move into and around other solids. You can even set your "hole" aside while you tweak with the primary solid. Then, when you're ready, you position and group your solids and "holes" and boom, you're done! That's pure awesome right there.
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