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Коллекционер значков Sparkle 2 Evo
by bi0nik
Это небольшое руководство позволит составить представление о внешнем виде значков из набора Sparkle 2 Evo ....
Червь и Осьминог (Squidworm and Octury) [RUS]
Этот гайд поможет вам с легкостью справиться с двумя боссами, а также с открытием соответствующих достижений...
Sparkle 2 Evo - All Achievements Guide (100%)
by Ampitere
Looking to get all of the achievements for Sparkle 2 Evo cleared? Inside are detailed instructions on how to achieve 100% and get all of those pesky achievements....
Octuary Deep
by MarsupialPancake
Quick guide to beating Octuary Deep, because heck if it's clear in the game....
Hunting and Abilities
by ReneG8
Your guide to hunt the creatures of the void to get the most out of competitive play....
How To Defeat The Squid Worm
by Dovahturret
The Squid Worm can be one of the hardest enemies to take down and in this guide i'll guide you to how they can be defeated....
Sparkle 2 Evo: How to survive your beginning levels and some tips.
by M'aiq the Liar
So. You want to survive your first few levels (Around 1-8) to get a hang of the game? First we will review the best things to eat, the best paths, and other things. Level 1: The tutorial explains most of this. I am only covering the 3 paths for this le...
How to dicover the Phantom / Wie Mann das Phantom entdeckt
by Nimrodt
For Thouse of you that do'nt feel the urgend need to consume each & every Piece of Food that can be found in the Game, or the Ones that use the special Ability of the herbivore Type of Creature (In that Case there are allways more Microelements per Level ...
Level 13 - Octuary Deep (Achievement)
by Snoopy
Anleitung wie man Level 13 - Octuary Deep Achievement freischaltet....
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