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apsyse  [developer] Dec 16, 2013 @ 5:49pm
Changelogs (Latest build v1.1.5, 26 April 2015)
v1.1.5 - 26 April 2015

Developer Notes
This is primarily a bugfix build, with a few minor gameplay features added. Engine flags have been added to the main.cs file for various performance tweaks and to potentially alleviate a specific type of OpenGL rendering problem regarding black screens on startup.


New/Changed Features
  • Added an “Enemy Camera Lock” game option to stop the camera from locking onto enemy units when they move.
  • Increased event log window size.
  • Grenadier talent Annihilation should no longer kill friendly marine units outright, just enemy units.
  • Added "Show Move Indicator" game setting.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed manually facing not updating a marine's laser sight direction.
  • Fixed dead marines leaving their promotion animations behind.
  • Fixed enemy floating HP/AP text sometimes lagging on movement.
  • Fixed Revenant encounter with disappearing Revenion units and mispositioned Revenant.
  • Partial fix to alt-enter/alt-tab crash on some Windows machines. Crashing from “possible bitmap deletion” should no longer occur. If white/blank textures appear after alt-enter or alt-tab try toggling the main menu on and off to refresh the texture displays.
  • Fixed Grenadier marines sometimes disappearing when mousing over them.
  • Fixed plastic explosives on doors sometimes only reducing marine HP to 0.
  • Fixed marine rank highlighting in the Promotions panel not properly resetting on subsequent runs and marine deaths.
  • Fixed Scout class marines sometimes having missing animations for reloading with
  • Laser/Plasma weapons.
  • Fixed persisting target indicator bugs.
  • Fixed possible config file malformations if quitting Steam Marines in the middle of certain user actions.

v1.0 - 24 September 2014

Developer Notes
You should probably start a new game. Don't forget to look in the "_Stories" folder of the install directory for a surprise!


New/Changed Features
  • Tweaked UI/font colors for better contrast.
  • Added new items: Statbooster, Skillbooster, Health Serum, Action Serum, Hyper Health, Hyper Action. (Note: Hyper Action doubles the current AP at the time of activation, not after the item use AP cost has been deducted.)
  • Disabled opt-in death data sending to server – beta is over!
  • Added game development credits to the main menu – not just for people who win the game!
  • Patriarch now has a special loot table.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed alignment of labels on the High Scores table.
  • Fixed tooltip errors/typos.
  • Fixed the “Keep” armor/weapon button extent on the swap UI.
  • Fixed MedStim dialogue overlapping with effect text.
  • Fixed save state preview showing the incorrect deck on game start.
  • Fixed Retraining sometimes not showing until the Promotion screen is toggled on, off, then on again.
  • Fixed marine firing animations sometimes becoming desynced when firing multiple Guard Mode shots.
  • Fixed bash and movement event log text messages so they're shorter and don't get cut off at smaller screen resolutions.
  • Fixed Guard Mode from sometimes persisting through elevators/levels.
  • Fixed sentry turret animations not always playing.
  • Fixed items on the floor with whitespace in their names to disappear after save/load cycle.
  • Fixed many benign animation resource loading errors.

  • Streamlined Weapon/Armor swap UI. Each stat/weapon type comparison is now line-to-line and oxygen was stripped from armor.

v0.9.0b - 24 August 2014

Developer Notes
Should be save game compatible (huzzah!)

New/Changed Features
  • Implemented Steam achievements.
  • Implemented Steam Trading Cards.
  • Mod files' defaults now overwrite default loading data even if mod files do not exist.
  • Promotion indicator animation persists until the Promotion screen for that marine is brought up.
  • Changed reload weapon tutorial text to mention it can be used to discard worn Hulk Suits.
  • Non-boss boss variant spawn rate increased from 10% to 15%.
  • Added more informative Reload/Guard Mode tooltips on the Firearm UI.
  • Added vertical sync option to setup menu.
  • Added bad config data detection and reverts to hardcoded defaults if necessary.
  • Added proper stats/skills tooltips in the Promotion window.
  • Added rank highlighting in the Promotion screen to indicate what talent potions the current marine has unlocked from ranking up.
  • Added partially opaque backpanel to scrolling event log.
  • Tweaked boss AI for more unique feeling encounters.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Lasershot item audio and animation.
  • Fixed "Xbox360 Binds" label being cut off.
  • Fixed survivor recruitment crash.
  • Fixed Linux build sometimes segfaulting on startup due to Steam achievement callbacks.
  • Fixed some image assets failing to load under Win/Lin under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Steam achievement data retrieval segfaulting on some Macs.
  • Fixed Steam achievement callbacks segfaulting on some Linux machines.
  • Fixed Grenadier weapons sometimes applying extra damage to alien enemy types.
  • Fixed boss variants not always spawning at the correct rate after decks are cleared.
  • Fixed survivor recruiting sometimes crashing.
  • Fixed “Xbox360 Binds” button label from being cut of on some resolutions.
  • Fixed squad spawning marine orientation.
  • Fixed tutorial error regarding position of ammunition readout/Firearm UI.
  • Fixed some text in the Squad Info screen being cut off in some windowed resolutions.

v0.8.9b - 13 July 2014

Developer Notes
Beta is here - start new saves! Check your for mod files for version cache invalidation!


New/Changed Features
  • Added “Retrain” option on the Promotion screen. Sergeant marines can retrain in any marine class (including their current class). This resets rank, talents, and experience points but retains stat and skill allocations and allows ranks, talents, stats, and skills to be earned again. The marine's armor and weapons are changed to the new class, but stats remain the same. Retraining increases the required experience levels needed to re-rank every time.
  • Implemented anti-grinding measures with regards to enemy spawns, grating bursting, and tapping walls.
  • Reduced enemy turn end delay for all AI speed levels.
  • Re-Implemented lifted tile indicator.
  • Re-implemented Guard Mode text.
  • Added marines perks to Squad Info screen.
  • Re-implemented marine and enemy tooltips to the bottom right corner of the screen triggered by mousing over units.
  • Added disruptor explosion animation.
  • Brainien butt punch chance increased from 20% to 50%.
  • Re-implemented marine name and rank in bottom right.
  • Got rid of “Enemy in range” marine dialogue spam from auto-targeting.
  • Added appropriate Matrix and Patriarch unit tooltip descriptions.
  • Changed zoom levels to be closer together.
  • Added Support class talent "Bulwark" sound effect.
  • Tweaked level generator. Slightly more connected levels and doors, less long corridors, and more flanking/side room opportunities.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed resolution apply AV setting.
  • Matrix now drops appropriate loot on death.
  • Fixed Matrix death animation.
  • Fixed overlapping text on squad creation in some low resolutions.
  • Fixed crash related to playing the tutorial repeatedly in a single session.
  • Fixed being able to see enemy HP/AP counters at the start of the tutorial.
  • Fixed commonConfig.xml not always been written on clean launch on Win 8.1 systems.
  • Fixed weapon swap text color issues.
  • Console is borked – toggle off, on, off to regain stuck player controls.
  • Fixed Frozen weapons that reduce target AP have floating text that stays forever.
  • Fixed survivors spawning with the wrong class animation.
  • Fixed cumulative vertical position shift on unit knockback.
  • Fixed memory leak when moving between levels.
  • Fixed Alien Merchant sound effects from sometimes not triggering.
  • Fixed Guard Mode shots not always triggering at low AI Delay settings or on the last action taken of the enemy turn.
  • Fixed marine perks staying on Squad Info screen even after death.
  • Fixed dead unit 0 health text persisting after death.
  • Fixed Brainien butt punching.
  • Fixed knock back unit positioning issues.
  • Fixed improper move position for the very last action on the enemy turn.
  • Fixed ammo readout from Support when using the “Turret” talent.
  • Fixed higher zoom levels not working properly on high resolutions.
  • Fixed Support class talent “Bulwark” from not always showing the placed wall tile.
  • Fixed disruptor spawning prematurely on Brutal game loading.
  • Fixed robotic enemy mechanical shriek not playing properly on discovery.
  • Fixed second flamethrower sound effect not triggering.
  • Fixed flamethrower second sound effect not firing properly.
  • Fixed wall destruction sprites not always properly mounting on adjacent wall tiles.
  • Fixed corner tile not being correctly picked based on surrounding wall tiles in level generator.

  • Suppressed benign warnings.

v0.8.8a - 17 June 2014

Developer Notes
Linux is here. Also AI/UI/UX/performance tweaks. The Alien Deck didn't make it this build - it will be the focus of the next major push. Recommend you start new games.

New/Changed Features
  • There is now a Linux version.
  • Smoothed camera tracking during enemy turn.
  • Reverted fog of war and monster turn AI; enemies no longer move faster under fog of war.
  • Unit hit slowdown defaulted to off (changeable via data.mod.)
  • Can freely resize the game in windowed mode on Win/Mac (not Linux.)
  • Changed names of some stats and skills to make it clearer what they do.
  • All config files (commonConfig.xml, data.mod, dialogue.mod, keybindings.cs, stats.per, save.sav) now reside in the top level of the Steam Marines directory.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed font setting for ??? difficulty setting text.
  • Fixed Brutal difficulty not being labeled correctly in the high scores table.
  • Fixed incorrect enemy max action point Hard/Brutal difficulty AP scaling.
  • Fixed Guard Mode sync issue.
  • Fixed some GUI/weapon sighting issues.
  • Fixed Item Slot 11 tooltip to show the correct font and color.
  • Fixed Mac Xbox 360 bindings not always sticking.
  • Fixed fog of war issues with flashlight/laser toggling.
  • Fixed marines being able to use active talents while wearing Hulk Suits.
  • Fixed possible time sync halting when sending data to the server.
  • Fixed Gunship beam not always setting to the appropriate position on lifted tiles.

  • This is a major change from the previous engine and some parts have not been completely fixed.
  • Trying to fullscreen with alt + enter can crash the game.
  • The console is a bit borked. If you issue a command via the console you will lose some player input until you turn the console off then on and off again.
  • The screenshot folder is now “Steam Marines\modules\AppCore\1\data\screenshots”.
  • The Steam version of the game now houses game data in “Steam Marines” and not “Steam_Marines”.
  • The Linux version has no default Xbox 360 controller hardbinds but you can rebind manually in the input menu with an appropriate driver.

v0.8.7a - 1 May 2014

Developer Notes
Whew! Sorry for the two month wait - art is behind schedule!

Probably not save game compatible with older versions - suggest you start a new game! Also there's a new difficulty level for the masochistic: BRUTAL!

New/Changed Features
  • Changed AI delay speed scaling. Level 1 is now approximately 150ms per monster action, and level 10 is 550ms (previously 500 and 2500 respectively.)
  • Enemy AI no longer gets a camera lock when moving behind fog of war.
  • Enemy AI speeds up (beyond AI delay set by the user) when operating behind fog of war.
  • Added Gunship death animation.
  • Added end game credits music.
  • Defaulted D3D lifted tile shadows to off.
  • Added event log message for picking up items.
  • The Reload function now prompts the user to discard the current marine's Hulk Suit. This destroys the Hulk Suit – it does not return an intact Hulk Suit item into the inventory or drop one on the ground.
  • Mouse cursor forced on when UI is in progress.
  • Mouse tile targeting is more responsive to rapid inputs.
  • Implemented Matrix boss on the Bridge Deck.
  • New Game Plus challenge scaled up for all difficulty modes.
  • Sentry Case item added. High damage, long range, medium ammunition automated gunnery platform.
  • Added game setting to always show cursor (overrides data.mod delay.)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed HUD button positions below talent bars.
  • Fixed corpses spawning above units that were behind lockers/consoles.
  • Fixed Engineer armor icon not appearing on dropped item.
  • Fixed PDA/console effects that uncover fog of war uncovering too much space around the ship.
  • Fixed glitchy white textures on the floor in D3D mode.
  • Fixed marine portraits and turtorial text appearing incorrectly at some checkpoints.
  • Fixed Gunship dropping non-fully implemented items.
  • Fixed traps spawning on space tiles.
  • Fixed chests and items sometimes being invisible on the floor.
  • Fixed marines sometimes turning invisible when getting hit.
  • Mouse cursor should no longer disappear when moving on top of UI elements.
  • Fixed Charge talent being able to move the Leader off the main level outside space.
  • Fixed Charge talent not checking if the Leader landed on a space tile when hitting a wall tile before max range was reached.
  • Fixed knock back effects not always properly killing enemy units.
  • Fixed knock back effects not always properly killing marine units.
  • Fixed Engineers with Tech Upgrade not always getting the full benefits when using weapon mods.
  • Fixed the Engineer class not having a proper font color on the High Scores tables.
  • Fixed save file preview on the main menu from displaying incorrect deck names.

  • D3D mode and slowdown effects can be very slow. Currently defaulted to off in D3D mode. Can be altered in the data.mod file.

v0.8.6a - 24 February 2014

Developer Notes
Not save game compatible with older versions. Strongly suggest defaulting keybindings and game options to account for new changes. There are new files, data.mod and dialogue.mod, that expose game data!

Mod Files Locations
The data.mod and dialogue.mod files can be located (after running Steam Marines once to generate the files) here:
For Win they're in "~\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Worthless Bums\Steam Marines"
For Mac they're in "~/Library/Application Support/Worthless Bums/Steam Marines"

New/Changed Features
  • Added a server data toggle on the bottom left of the main menu. By default Steam Marines will never “phone home.” If you wish, you can click to toggle the server data flag on/off. When it is on, Steam Marines will send data on game over to a Steam Marines server for analytics purposes. No personally identifiable information is stored (IP, computer name, et cetera), just play statistics like number of walls smashed, squad member deaths, et cetera. To be very clear this is an Opt-In, not an Opt-Out. Every time Steam Marines starts up the flag is toggled OFF and no data will be sent anywhere.
  • Exposed a lot of game data to data.mod and dialogue.mod files. These files can be edited/saved prior to game launch to take effect. The file is invalidated via the version number on the first line of the file. Make backups so Steam Marine updates don't wipe out your modding efforts!
  • Added profiling tool. Open the console and type “startProfiler();” and hit enter to start the profiler. Typing “stopProfiler();” and hitting enter will stop the profiler and dump to the file “_profile.txt” located in the Steam Marines directory. The text file shouldn't take up more than a few kilobytes of space on disk.
  • Gunship implemented as the Armory Deck boss. Beware!
  • Re-implemented squad panel. Shifted UI elements to accomodate.
  • Added keyboard controls to navigate, use, and drop items in inventory.
  • Added Xbox controller trigger maps for navigating inventory – Windows only at the moment. Cannot rebind triggers (yet?)
  • Added unit hit slow motion effect.
  • Hit units now shrink and grow instead of sliding along the x-axis.
  • Added slowdown and screen shake for unit knock back.
  • Mouse cursor now disappears after a few seconds of inactivity. Default time to wait is 3000 milliseconds; this is moddable in the data.mod file.
  • Added indicator animation for all visible units standing on lifted tiles.
  • Increased treasure chest spawn chance.
  • Cut trap spawn chance by about half.
  • Grenade items now have a 25% chance to destroy doors.
  • Added new Engineer laser weapon sound effect.
  • Added new set plastic explosive on door sound effect.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed "Sweeper" perk from only working for Leader class marines.
  • Fixed Hulk Suit flamethrower not firing if the marine's main weapon doesn't have enough ammunition.
  • Fixed load level issue interfering with item spawning.
  • Fixed porthole comments not triggering properly.
  • Refactored fog-of-war code – should be faster; possible cause of cursor-over-unit FPS drops?
  • Fixed fog of war memory leak.
  • Fixed infinite auto-grabbing if standing on a treasure chest with full inventory.
  • Crates on the elevator tile can now be properly smashed.
  • Stripped tabs from custom keybinds and replaced them with spaces; should also fix tooltip extent issue.
  • Fixed Firearm UI always showing flashlight on the attachment when loading a saved game.
  • Fixed render order issue between Alien Merchant and wall paintings.
  • When recruiting survivors the game will attempt to place the survivor close to the squad spawn point instead of moving the entire squad (possibly on top of enemies!)
  • Fixed being able to go to the main menu from the recruit survivor screen which breaks the game.
  • Optimized rendering between large/small units.
  • Batched some sprites.
  • Optimized texture loading/unloading.
  • Fixed units being able to be knocked back onto porthole tiles.
  • Squad AP gets refilled on New Game Plus.
  • Fixed survivor screen not properly showing Engineer class name in description.
  • Fixed boss units being killed by Lasershots not dropping loot or stopping boss music.
  • Fixed marines in Hulk Suits from using non-Hulk Suit reload weapon animations when using Ammo Crates.
  • Fixed marines sometimes staying too large when their Hulk Suits are destroyed.
  • Sorted various render order issues.
  • Fixed “Close Combat” perk error when firing at out of range enemy units.
  • Fixed scrolling event log from interfering with mouse events.
  • Fixed Engineer class bullet impact sound effects not playing when striking walls.
  • Properly resets to correct zoom level after changing game resolution.
  • Fixed enemy non-idle animations being written to and from save file.
  • Wall pumps now properly persist through save/load file.
  • Fixed Support class talent “Bulwark” not showing on lifted tiles.

  • Changed mouse/cursor updates. Should be less CPU bottleneck for lower end computers when moving marines.
  • Large performance gain on level generation and saving/loading.
  • Level sprites used cut by... a lot.
  • Optimized fog of war a tiny bit more.
  • Shifted “saving...” message to the upper right corner of the screen for all resolutions.
  • Updated Engineer Firearm UI schematic.

v0.8.5a - 29 January 2014

Developer Notes
Not save game compatible with older versions. Strongly suggest defaulting keybindings and game options to account for new changes. There are vertical sync and frame rate limiting options in the "Steam_Marines/main.cs" file. These may help people with black screen/performance issues!

New/Changed Features
  • Added sight range maximum hard cap of 6 tiles. Done for both game balance and performance reasons.
  • Vertical sync set on by default. This is primarily to help on machines not handling uncapped framerate very well.
  • Leader, Scout, and Grenadier class weapon damage slightly lowered.
  • Support class weapon damage increased to account for enemy armor changes.
  • All marine class weapon range and accuracy ranges rebalanced.
  • Torgon units have reduced armor ranges.
  • Engineer Class added. Able to be taken from the squad creation screen on new game. Able to be found as survivors and recruited in-game.
  • Re-implemented chests with armor and weapons. Stats are randomized and scaled by deck/level. There may be rare surprises. No “named” gear yet!
  • The Revenant now drops more loot on death.
  • Brainien is now the official Medical Deck boss. Tough. Unfair. Loot pinata.
  • Implemented rare item “Med Stim”. Increases max health and action by 1 and fully restores health and action.
  • Laser Mods, Plasma Mods, and Med Stims can now be randomly found in Alien Merchant inventories.
  • Ammo Crates now grant all squad members 1 to 3 magazines instead of 2. The marine who uses the Ammo Crate still gets a free reload.
  • Common enemies now drop Canteens and Ammo Crates in addition to Grenades.
  • Common enemies have a slightly smaller chance to drop items on death.
  • Marines can always fire ranged weapons through portholes.
  • Scrolling Event Log is back. Default key “S” toggles it on and off.
  • Squad Info screen is back. Displays max health, full weapon and armor stats, et cetera.
  • Move auto-action priority changed; moving into a tile with an Alien Merchant and an enemy unit will prioritize meleeing the enemy unit instead of triggering Alien Merchant trade.
  • Grenadier class talent “Pincer” cost reduced to 2 AP.
  • Support class talent “Point Blank” cost reduced to 2 AP. Now does normal damage and shreds half of target armor.
  • Support class talent “Hail Mary” cost reduced to 2 AP.
  • Marine perks added to Squad Creation screen.
  • “Sweeper” Perk: Laser Sight grants +2 damage. Cycling attachments costs 0 AP.
  • “Spotter” Perk: Grants +1 experience per enemy if actively spotting. Only boosts the experience of the marine who has the perk.
  • “Fire Hazard” Perk: Using a Hulk Suit's ranged flamethrower only costs 1 AP. This is probably overpowered. Have fun before I nerf it.
  • “Tech Monger” Perk: Grants a +10% chance to find high tech loot in lockers.
  • “Close Combat” Perk: Ranged attacks have a 100% chance to hit adjacent targets.
  • Added marine perks to mouse over tooltips.
  • Survivor marines do not come with perks, but they can come with weapons with special effects. Survivor marines may come with Laser and Plasma weapons already equiped.
    Monster AI altered; less aggressive in encircling marines, but pursues marines over longer distances.
  • A marine in a Hulk Suit using a Hulk Suit does not get another max health extension. Instead health is just restored to the max modified by the previous Hulk Suit. Armor rating does continue to stack. Getting killed resets health to pre-Hulk Suit max value.
  • Alien Merchants now have an 8% chance to randomly spawn rare items in their fourth inventory slot, up from 5%.
  • You can no longer manually reload a marine's weapon while he/she is wearing a Hulk Suit.
  • “Inferno”, “Frozen”, and “Acid” random generated weapons make a return. Cannot be found on the Command Deck.
  • Added manual frame rate limiter using $Pref::timeManagerProcessInterval in the main.cs file.
  • Vertical sync can be enabled/disabled manually in the main.cs file.
  • Changed level and current run score calculation. It is harder to get the top progression grades. Losing marines and taking too long on a given level is punished more severely.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some texture issues in D3D mode.
  • Fixed some Hulk Suit/Guard Mode issues.
  • Shortened marine fire projectiles to prevent looping on longer range shots.
  • Fixed input locking bug with unit movement being passed bad direction parameters.
  • Fixed marines not being able to face in a direction with 0 AP when facing should cost 0 AP.
  • Fixed the Scoped talent tooltip to state the correct AP cost.
  • Fixed bug where multiple Leader marines led to higher item spawn chances.
  • Fixed alien merchant rare item spawn chances.
  • Lasershot properly updates health numbers of affected units.
  • Adding stat/skill points properly updates health and action numbers of affected units.
  • Floored max health when a marine's Hulk Suit is destroyed.
  • Fixed input locking due to random weather effect.
  • Fixed New Game Plus counter so it tracks cleanly between a NGP fail run and a new game.
  • Fixed current level/run score calculation involving New Game Plus.
  • Fixed survivors not being able to be Engineers.
  • Fixed survivors setting Strength stat properly on spawn.
  • (Mostly?) fixed enemy unit floating health text popping up through fog of war.
  • Fixed Hulk Suit use/destruction health resets.
  • Fixed the fourth marine character (Support slot) rarely having talents erased on new level.
  • Fixed survivor perk script error.
  • Fixed enemy unit tooltip range parsing/conditional.
  • Fixed Guard Mode projectiles coming from the selected marine rather than from the Guarding marine.

  • Added support for older video cards and better support for integrated Intel/ATI cards.
  • Stripped gender pronouns from survivor description screen.
  • Cleaned up Hulk Suit animations for each class.
  • Squashed some benign warning messages displayed in the console.

v0.8.4a - 16 December 2013

Developer Notes
Probably not save game compatible with older versions. Strongly suggest defaulting keybindings and game options to account for new changes. If you don't default/change game options and you have a previous installation of Steam Marines it will default to 0 AP facing!

New/Changed Features
  • Rolled space weather into random event system. At the start of the player's turn there is a small chance for random events to occur, partially influenced by the current space weather.
  • Negative random events will not outright kill (or even damage) marines. May reduce armor, cause bad circumstances, et cetera.
  • Added game option to toggle facing AP cost. ON is default and means facing in a different direction costs 1 AP. OFF means it costs 0 AP).
  • Added game option to toggle auto facing. ON is default and means moving in a direction a marine is not facing faces in that direction and moves in that direction. OFF means a marine will only face in that direction and not attempt to move.
  • Color coded floating HP values for units. Green = full health, yellow = wounded, red = 33% of less of max health.
  • Floor traps no longer spawn on the first level of decks.
  • Torgon units, not just Scouts, can once again call in reinforcements but they must be wounded (less than full health) to do so.
  • The Brain encounter has been changed so that it does not trigger once the elevator zone is sighted. Also does not trigger on level 1 of any deck.
  • You receive a letter grade after each level. There are 10 total ranks that are calculated based on your current run performance.
  • End of level report states the current difficulty level.
  • New quick message system that pops up in the upper left hand corner of the screen, informing the player of events.
  • Autograb now attempts to grab all items on a tile at once.
  • You can now drop items on top of each other on a tile.
  • Survivors now have a broader health range when first encountered.
  • Survivor action point range has been shifted up (both low and high end) by 1. You will no longer get survivors with less than 4 AP total including armor speed stats.
  • On Easy difficulty marines receive +2 AP and +1 HP at base.
  • On Normal difficulty marines receive +1 AP at base.
  • On Hard difficulty marines receive -1 HP at base and starting ammunition is reduced.
  • Scout base HP range shifted down. Other classes have HP shifted up.
  • Scout class talent “Scoped” changed to 100% hit, +2 damage, and costs 2 AP.
  • Grenadier class talent “Batter” changed to an aoe knockback.
  • Implemented an initial enemy spawn cap of 48 per level.
  • Smoothed the quantity of enemy spawns via deck progression.
  • Default Xbox 360 controller default bindings button placed in input setup menu.

Bug Fixes
  • Grenadier talent “Annihilation” no longer only reduces friendly marine health to zero without killing them.
  • Grenadier talent “Napalm” now properly takes only 2 AP to use as stated.
  • Fixed Sapper explosions from causing infinite loops if killing other Sappers.
  • Fixed Leader talent "Radar" not properly updating floating AP.
  • Target panel properly disappears with no valid target when a marine changes facing in place.
  • Marines in Hulk Suits should now properly die when knocked out into space.
  • Fixed possible autograb/treasure infinite loop.
  • Fixed bug where attempting to face in the direction a marine is already facing deducts AP.

  • Optimized code. Framerate should be higher on low end computers and less resource intensive on game startup/preload.
  • Hardbound Xbox 360 controls (separate from keyboard bindings) will be implemented for Mac using the Tattie Bogle driver.
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Mr. Stimpson Dec 16, 2013 @ 6:32pm 
Very nice! Thanks for the update, apsyse!
Tryboy- Dec 17, 2013 @ 1:39am 
I am pleased^^
onyhow Dec 17, 2013 @ 4:47am 
Aww, no support buff yet? That's a shame...

Still, nice update!
apsyse  [developer] Dec 17, 2013 @ 4:49am 
Originally posted by onyhow:
Aww, no support buff yet? That's a shame...

Still, nice update!
Not yet! A lot of dev time was actually spent on under-the-hood stuff to prepare for system/mechanic changes and the new Engineer class :)

Leader/Grenadier/Support balances (buffs) are incoming, though!
MissingNO Dec 17, 2013 @ 5:17am 
Originally posted by BLUΣBΣ
I am pleased^^

It is good.

I am also pleased.
Mikolaj Dec 17, 2013 @ 6:11am 
A terrific update, meaningful and interesting changes. Great job!
onyhow Dec 17, 2013 @ 6:22am 
Originally posted by apsyse:
Not yet! A lot of dev time was actually spent on under-the-hood stuff to prepare for system/mechanic changes and the new Engineer class :)

Leader/Grenadier/Support balances (buffs) are incoming, though!
Then I am looking forward for the next update!
cybear319 Dec 18, 2013 @ 2:19pm 
The new animations add a lot to the experience.
MotherAce[NO] Dec 29, 2013 @ 11:03am 
just bought the game, so no idea if this is a new bug, but there's no (i) information screen? (i key does zilch) Played a few games, but felt like something was very wrong. Checked youtube for letsplays, and the version used there looked very different. Access to information screen, and visible mines
jarlelin Dec 29, 2013 @ 5:06pm 
Same here. The informatino screen has dissappeared.

Really loving the game though. Difficult and lovely. Frustrating that I need to die in levels 10+ once for each new lesson learned.

The game will probably need better tooltips and guides if more people are going to want to enjoy it.
apsyse  [developer] Jan 29, 2014 @ 7:39am 
Squad Information screen was taken down to fix some stuff - it's back in v0.8.5a now :)
Mr. Stimpson Jan 29, 2014 @ 8:06am 
After being off Steam Marines for a little while, coming back to all of these (and older) changes has put a smile on my face. This game is shaping up well, apsyse and I'm excited to dig into all of these new features (and bug reporting, ofc!).
apsyse  [developer] Jan 29, 2014 @ 8:14am 
Thanks, Stimpson! I expect to log some Enemy Within hours this weekend to cleanse my Steam Marines palate, though xD
SuicideBunny Jan 29, 2014 @ 9:00am 
PsychoCandy Jan 29, 2014 @ 9:25am 
Yow! Thanks for all the hard work apsyse :) This is an exciting update.
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