Tiny Barbarian DX
Furry King Jan 7, 2014 @ 12:15pm
Impeccable Level Design. My hats off to Starquail. (spoilers)
So I just beat the game and really it blew me away. I wasn't expecting it to be so... thought out. The way the game flows is so damn good. I can't help but just call it perfect.

When I first bought the game from the developers directly I got to the dungeon as I was showing it off to my friends and felt like the chains and gaps in the walls were just silly. Why have so many interactive options if they lead to no where? I hand the controller over to a friend while he tackles the elevator portion and then when he makes it to the top and it stops I'm all like, "Um ok? Where to now?" And then my friend started slashing at the walls and I'm all like "Oh these guys are geniuses."

So I finally finished it and I must say this game would have gotten game of the year awards in 1991. I mean I understand that it took those decades of gaming knowledge to create a game like this anyway but boy oh boy the results are beautiful. So many nooks and crannies and levels that continue to evolve and up the challenge. It's one of the more interesting platformers I've touched and there's been a lot of good ones recently, from Rayman to Mark of the Ninja, but this just keeps that 'Ah ha' factor going all the way to the end. Tiny's controls are super tight making all the gameplay mechanics sync perfectly. Escorting him around the hanging blocks and over ledges is a thril. And those last two bosses. Just lovely work.

It's hard to create a short game that feels this complete but you guys did it. Congratz again. I look forward to and will be down your back for the next episode.

I would almost suggest creating new weapons and mechanics for Tiny to use with each episode.
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gsilverfish  [developer] Jan 8, 2014 @ 8:04am 
Thanks for posting, Furry King! :)
Tazi Jan 12, 2014 @ 6:21am 
I gotta agree, the level design is great, the checkpoints are where they supposed to be, it never gets too frustrating to complete a section, and it doesn't force you to replay sections you already played like a million times. Yet at the same time, it's challenging, and feels good to beat a level/boss after many fails. Being a retroish action platformer, I think it does these things better then Völgarr or Oniken, two games I like a lot.
So, good job, and keep goin, I can't wait to play Ep2! :)
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