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My game kep crashing after a few minute
my game is in english
i the latest version and i just check the file with steam.
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Have you tried ?

Also is your CPU/GPU running not too hot (less then 75 degrees centigrade)

Dual monitor setup ? - then disable one & only use one.
i have an i7 and i have tried everything that i had found on the forum
Dev Konstantin  [developer] Apr 10 @ 9:48am 
I would recommend trying this one more time

Delete your KW2B user folder
-Click on the organizer button in any folder. And select Folder and Search options. Go to view, and under Hidden Files and Folders, or Drives - click show hidden files.
-Now navigate to C:/users/YOUR USERNAME/AppData/local/KT/
-Delete that entire KT folder

Also where do you crash exactly? if its at the same point in the singleplayer campaign, please restart the chapter (in the Campaign menu select the Chapter, and click on Play instead of Campaign)

Or is it in skirmish, or in main menu - doesn`t matter where basically - just every few minutes?
it in solo survival mode for now i did not try the campaing or multiplayer for now
can PnkBstr be the probleme ?
your solution dont work
Dev Konstantin  [developer] Apr 10 @ 12:17pm 
Really odd then, try a different level in survival - or better yet try regular skirmish mode, we`ll try to get to the bottom of this.
even the skirmiss mode crash
since last update my game keep telling me it the wrong version but i downloaded the last version
and all your solution for the probleme dont work
i hope their will be an update this probleme soon
The wrong version issue is server side.

We're working on a fix and will have it out as soon as possible.

Thank you for the report.
thank you for your support
Dev Konstantin  [developer] Apr 12 @ 7:09am 
And problem is fixed! Sorry for the delay
even the campaing crash after a few minute
is their going to be a patch for my problem in the futur ?
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