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Dev Konstantin  [developer] Mar 31 @ 8:45am
Update 2.3 and MKW Invities Countdown.
Dear Players,

We are happy to say, we are less than two weeks away from finally sending out Medieval Kingdom Wars pre-alpha testing invites.

Same week we`ll release KW2B update 2.3, that we hope will breath some fresh life into KW2B.

So lets dive into each one of these in details.

KW2B Update 2.3
With this update we`ll be adding some features from MKW engine to KW2B, as well as introducing some art updates and balance changes.

With 2.3 KW2B will start looking much better with all new terrain, featuring approach we used in MKW, in addition there`s new shadow code - greatly improving the look of shadows, and finally some changes to camera controls that our players should like and have a "refreshed" visual experience.

In addition we are doing a major change to multiplayer - completely eliminating multiplayer command lag. Downside - the visual multiplayer lag will become more obvious, but from the feedback we have it`s a fair trade.

We are also greatly improving CPU performance on the Ruins levels, during late game, and fixing some pathfinding problems like units not being able to cross bridges.

On top of variety of bug fixes and minor improvements across the board, we are also doing quite a bit towards balancing multiplayer based on your feedback over the past few months.

MKW Pre-Alpha Testing Invites
April 14th is the date for the first round of invites to go out.

We have selected quite a few players who we`ll be emailing the invite, and we expect to have additional rounds that will cover majority of our top player population from Kingdom Wars 1 and Kingdom Wars 2: Battles.

Few things to mention - the requirements for the first invite are really high up, we are only inviting our top players. We looked at players with close to 100 hours of gameplay time, and lots of progress.

In addition please keep in mind that we can only send invites via the email that you entered when running KW2B or KW1 for the first time.

If you didn`t make it in this time - don`t worry, chances are if you are one of our veterans you`ll get invited in one of the following rounds.

We also have to mention that installation will come with an NDA agreement, as we have to keep the game a secret for now from the larger community and want to try and avoid leaking screenshot and video of the game this early in production.

And finally - this might be a deal breaker for some of you... But, for the first couple of rounds the pre-alpha build will require a pretty good video card. We are in progress of adding additional LODs to make it playable on all systems, but we are still couple of months away from that. I think from round 3 we`ll finally have game accessible for all ranges of hardware, so requirements will become same as KW2B.
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I'm really looking forward to it :) MKW hypage!
Really can't wait for the MKW! :)
sorry fresh... he said only vet players... not noobs like you :(
Also Konstaintin... i have a trade deal for you... 20 magic tomes and 20 snares for a code. ill even throw in a few banners =P
And I would gladly pay for the game copy early to get access to the alpha test :)
Originally posted by WaRrKrAcK:
sorry fresh... he said only vet players... not noobs like you :(

Rude :P 1v1 me bro
zschaff Apr 24 @ 4:40pm 
so how will the second round be sellected
Dev Konstantin  [developer] Apr 25 @ 3:01pm 
Hey Guys and Girls,

Quick announcement about MKW Alpha test. If you think that you shoudl have qualified to join the MKW Alpha Test group - had played over 200 KW1 or other 150 KW2B hours in the past year, there`s a good chance that we tried to contact you, but our email to you bounced.

Please try your luck here: by entering the email address that you likely registered with at one of our games. If your email is on the list you will be given a Steam key to install MKW Alpha build.

Please keep in mind you`ll need to agree to the Alpha Tester NDA agreement.

If you still can`t get the key, but have the hours and want to help us alpha test MKW - please email with a link to your Steam Profile to confirm your hours.
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