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Simplex World Creator: Full Documentation
door freakyforest
Full documentation of the Simplex World Creator features including settings, patterns, objects and game events....
Race The Sun - Basic Guide - some Tipps and Tricks
door SacredSheep
This is a little guide to explain the basic mechanics of the game and provide some useful Tipps to survive longer when chasing the sun....
Level Unlocks
door Invisible
This guide will describe all 25 levels and what they unlock....
Simplex World Creator Overview
door freakyforest
A quick overview of Simplex World Creator concepts and systems. This guide will help you understand how the World Creator works and will start you on your way toward making a new world....
How to change your custom world thumbnail
door Dolmax
Learn how to change the image of your custom world showed in the Steam Workshop....
[Simplex World Creator] Do stuff between regions
door spookster
Learn how to create events between regions!...
How to mark yourself as author of your custom world
door Dolmax
Learn how to mark your custom world with your author signature...
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