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SouthofHeaven Mar 10, 2014 @ 2:31am
Anything soon?
Just wondering if there is anything coming soon. I have been directed multiple times to AlwaysGeeky's twitter page but it is mostly filled with off topic nonsense that does nothing for my desire to play this game. It has been broken for quite some time (I'm glad a few people seem to be able to run it for longer than 5 minutes) and there is so little progress or news of progress. How about spending less time talking about other games and ice racing (?) on Twitter and coming on here once in a while and letting us know you are progressing in some meaningful way. I am getting tired of no information and no progress. I asked a while back when i first bought this game if it was a dead game and I was assured that it was not abandoned. There has been nothing that has given me any hope so far!
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Always Geeky  [developer] Mar 10, 2014 @ 8:20am 
Hey there, my Twitter at the moment has been a bit lacking in Vox updates because I don't want to just keep mentioning that I am working on the game and things are progressing as expected. I'm sorry if you think development is slow, I can't really change that. I am very busy these days and unfortunately I dont have as much time to keep posting on here or checking in on the discussion messages every day.

I promise you one thing though, the game is far from dead and development will continue as it always has, I am in NO WAY abandoning this project and I am still working on it as much as I always have :) I'll try to post some more news and update information soon.

happypumkin Mar 13, 2014 @ 10:50am 
Might want to also follow y2bcrazy on twitter (https://twitter.com/ZSinked) too if you want more updates, he tends to upload the models he's making for it there. He also streams the making of the models most weeks on twitch.
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