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[ACG]Norduil Feb 2, 2014 @ 9:35am
Foundation gets instantly destroyed after placing
Everytime i place a foundation it just disappears after 1 second.
I'm not the only one having that bug.
Can anybody help me?
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EBF_MADE Feb 2, 2014 @ 12:18pm 
It takes me 3 days, but happened with 2 foundations with pilars in the middle.

Also, put a topic asking for an anwers. Nothing yet.
SgtChrischi Feb 9, 2014 @ 1:06pm 
Have the same problem...
gregogary Feb 10, 2014 @ 1:18am 
Yup same here - tried various slopes of land and even different areas on the map, nothin' worked.
M3gal0maniac Feb 21, 2014 @ 2:49am 
Same problem here! its killing the game I wasted thousands of wood trying to place foundation but still doesn't work.
C0ckSh0t Feb 21, 2014 @ 3:07am 
same here : foundation get destroid after placing it
[SFS]Boskovice Feb 21, 2014 @ 1:10pm 
and same hereeee..... i cant no more :/ i want to build a home, even if i know that anybody will come and destroy it but i will reach this aim and build something up .....!!! please helppppppp!!!
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DirtySprite Curt Feb 21, 2014 @ 2:47pm 
Thank god its not just me Ive been rage quiting because I waste so much wood on it.... :/
Old Man Z Feb 21, 2014 @ 9:14pm 
MangoX Mar 5, 2014 @ 3:28pm 
same here!!
machinavapeur Mar 6, 2014 @ 10:44am 
Dafuq!?! This♥♥♥♥♥♥s been going on for a month... !?!?! If I had know this, I would'nt have bought the game...

Serioulsy, what can you do if you can't build !?!
Gueritol Mar 6, 2014 @ 10:58am 
The server needs to be reboot and then it works.
Rylan Mar 6, 2014 @ 11:48am 
No, rebooting the server does not fix the issue.
Gueritol Mar 7, 2014 @ 2:28am 
Originally posted by Rylan:
No, rebooting the server does not fix the issue.
Yes it does. There you have it. Absolute reply to an absolute post.
[DA] DeadlyCrush Mar 7, 2014 @ 8:38am 
Official server still can't build wood foundation. / must fix this bug!
MaiaBang Mar 8, 2014 @ 4:17am 
This should be top priority for the devs. But it isn't. For what i know, they haven't really adressed the issue yet... :(
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