Dusty Revenge
Rarewolf Aug 21, 2014 @ 2:03am
[Bug Report] [Glitch] McCoy's Shadow Scope
Awesome another bug! 8D (im not being sarcastic, love finding these buggers lol)

So how it happend..

i was in underworld fighting the kitty spies.
and i pressed 3 for McCoy
accidently pressed "Space" and it did a zoom in scope.
i unzoomed..
and as it was starting to fade out i pressed Zoom once again.
the screen went black.

the situation.
music was running.
pressed escape, nothing happened.
pressed space (to unzoom) nothing happend.
i could hear the movement and attack audio.

my temporary solution:
I decided to call on McCoy again.

the screen was still black except i could see McCoys eagle view
(or what even you want to call it, Vantage View)

so i pressed space once more to "zoom off"

presto it worked.