Dusty Revenge
Rarewolf Aug 20, 2014 @ 11:39pm
[Guide] How to Enable "Almost Human" DLC
I still see some questions about this so i decided to make it extra clear for everyone else that has the problem in the future.

Follow these steps and you should be playing it in no time.

if you have the game installed already

1: Go to your library then right click on Dusty revenge.
2: then select properties.
3: Select the DLC tab
4: Enable the DLC by Clicking on the check box under the "Install" column.

Wait for the game DLC to download

5: Run Dusty revenge
6: A pop-up will show asking you to enable almost human DLC, select yes.
(you can change back in options menu)

7: Play the game and enjoy.

NOTE: If the DLC did not show up for you, you might have to go to the DLC's Page and click the install/Play game button.
After that just go ahead and follow the steps.

This guide is just to clear up all the clutter and have a step by step guide to doing it.
Thanks to the developers for helping all of us in the forums.
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