Valdis Story: Abyssal City

Valdis Story: Abyssal City

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not-tu Oct 31, 2013 @ 2:29pm
Master List of Known Bugs & Issues - Updated 1/22
Thanks to Kein for originally doing this!

Kyron decided to create a Bug and Crash Report Sub Forum to better organize bug reporting for people. We'll keep a master thread here for easy access for people entering the forum. So I moved over what Kein had in the original thread.

There is also the bug reporting thread on the Endless Fluff forums[].

Please check the list below for any bugs or issues you might be encountering. If you don't see it, check if someone has a similar thread in the sub forum, otherwise please post a new thread in the Bugs and Crash Reports sub forum.

Game does not work properly on integrated GPU (Intel IGPU or HD-series)
There are currently issues with integrated laptop GPU's or hybrid laptop GPU's like Nvidia Optimus and AMD's hybrid solutions. Issues like seeing all of the assets and icons tiled on the screen.

If you have a hybrid GPU setup, force the game to run on your discrete GPU and not your integrated GPU. You can test this on Optimus systems by right clicking the Valdis exe and telling it to force it to run on your high performance GPU.

There is a more permanent solution by creating a profile in your Nvidia or Catalyst Control Center to make it so the valdis story.exe always runs with a specific GPU. You usually have to do it this way (setting defaults) for this exe, a lot of people it does not work just telling it to do it once in the right-click menu.

For people who don't have hybrid setups and just integrated GPU's, use the latest version of the game off the main steam branch and this should work now.

Slow FPS drop
If your FPS drops down, some users have had success with this fix (I have not looked into the fix):

As it involves messing with your registry, I recommend making a backup. I have not looked into the fix and what it fixes, so I cannot guarantee anything.

Slow FPS with PS3 Controller
First try MotionInJoy v7 with BetterDS3Tool, on a USB connection, this worked for some.

Otherwise try this suggestion:
Originally posted by FatalFramerate:
Stuck that up there so you have a sticky. Also can confirm PS3 controller with Motionjoy set to xinput emulation AND having x360ce installed (both together) works perfectly. Just let the program gather the XBOX 360 settings on x360ce and it's ready to roll.

Or this one:

Cannot Skill Cancel With Keyboard
This should be fixed in the latest version.

There was a bug where default key for skill cancel on keyboards is R instead of down. Reset your keys to defaults in the game options and it'll fix itself back to Down.

Game Pad Keys Can't Be Mapped/Unable to Reset Controls
If you are having any issues with mapping your gamepad's controls, check this thread written by Kein:
Controls remapping guide (gamepad/keyboard + skill cancel)
Simple controls remapping guide (gamepad/keyboard)[]

Issues with Logitech G1 Keyboards or DirectInput devices
A few users have reported issues with strange behavior when trying to play the game with a Logitech G1 Keyboard and Direct Input devices plugged in.
Issues like:
  • Only the Quit Game option being enabled on the main menu.
  • When the keyboard is unplugged, frame rates drop to very low fps.

DirectInput devices seem to cause a lot of issues with GameMaker Studio games. Since DirectInput hasn't been supported by MS for a long time.

deadwish came up with a workaround for Logitech Keyboards here:
[Fixed] controls wont work OR 1fps = Unplayable

Game works fine but eventually slows down to 1 fps
For people whose fps starts out normal, but then slows to a crawl after 10 minutes.

Some have had success making sure their Nvidia GPU was forced (if using Nvidia Optimus GPU).

Currently looking into PS3 controller issues causing this and Logitech G keyboards.

Audio Looping
Some users have reported weird issues with audio looping, like when selecting options on the menu.

Two of them have reported that RadeonPro being the culprit.

Slow Performance, Crashing, Black Screen
So far people have fixed slow performance and crashing issues by:
  • Turning off RadeonPro before starting the game. I recommend turning off any graphics card tweaking third party software just in case.
  • Disabling Nvidia tweaks mentioned in another thread to smooth the textures out.
  • Updating to the latest graphics card drivers. This fixed black screen for one person.

Known Bugs
  • Ash bringer won't contribute to a combo if its the first attack. Fixed in upcoming patch.
  • Alagath can get stuck when trying to go into healing mode.
  • Ranking for retries at the end is too sensitive. Calculation is fixed in upcoming patch.

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leleo Oct 31, 2013 @ 4:00pm 
framerate problerms.
the game starts well but as it geos the framerate starts to go down at the point tha it becomes very slow.
i already tested all the configurations of the game but the problem persists.

im using a laptop xps from dell .
not-tu Oct 31, 2013 @ 4:19pm 
Originally posted by leleo:
framerate problerms.
the game starts well but as it geos the framerate starts to go down at the point tha it becomes very slow.
i already tested all the configurations of the game but the problem persists.

im using a laptop xps from dell .
Can you report this in the bug reporting sub forum?

Also are you running on a integrated GPU or a hybrid GPU?
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