Valdis Story: Abyssal City

Valdis Story: Abyssal City

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Eptik Nov 11, 2013 @ 8:23am
[Spoilers] S rank adventurer guide (with treasure map)
1.)What you need to success

To achieve a rank S you will need:
100% map completion
100% item found
100% crew found
100% civilian saved

for the map there's nothing really hard about it, just go everywere and its good.
for the item, only the chest count in steam version. just check the map and the list. it should not be hard either
for crew members. if you follow the same path listed on that guide you should find them all very easely. beside axen they are all on your way.
to save all civilian you have to complete some event:
tagrum get wiped by an angel traitor if you dont backtrack to the tagrum elder's room shortly after you complete the fire temple.
the sunken prison town get wiped if you dont backtrack to kill the yeti within 2 hour after you deafeat azudor for the 1st time
the mana heater of ishk break after 5 hour of IGT and the people die after 7 hour of IGT. so you have to finish the game in less then 7 h wich is totally fine. remeber that every retry add 5 min to that if you have like 3h of IGT + 24 retry it make 5h so the mana heater break,5h +24 retry = 7h etc

link the map :

Let's get started

1: life potion / middle of the room
2: iron / south east corner of the room
3: master scroll/nothing special
4: Murderous rainment / cancel push puzzle
5: iron /at the end of a corridor
6: rogue cowl / near the save point
7: demon ruby / on a small ledge after two chandeliers
8: spirit shard / in front of the breakable wall leading to leroy's millinery
9: demon ruby / nothing special middle of the room
10: angel sapphire / just below the north east exit
11: spirit potion / nothing special middle of the room
12: paladin armor / cancel push puzzle
13: iron / below the north east exit
14: angel sapphire / in front of the mana heater
15: wanderer rainment / mana puzzle
16: iron / a ledge north west nothing special
17: steel / nothing special
18: silk cloth / on a roof [ice pillard]
19: demon ruby/dead end in the bottom of the room
20: steel / nothing special below the North west exit
21: warlock vestment / mana puzzle
22: spirit shard / nothing special, in the right of the room
23: life potion/ nothing special middle of the room
24: steel / a small ledge on the left wall when you drop down
25: magician cape / south east corner
26: steel / plateform in the middle [ice pillar]
27: spirit stone / a plateform in front of the North East exit [ice pillar]+cancel or spell jump
28: judicator rainment / cancel push puzzle
29: book of the old god / behind some lasers
30: spell lantern+tamagahane+black heart stone+Goibniu armor/ mana+cancel push puzzle
31: grey metal greave / moving plateform in the left room
32: magician cape / after the moving plateform on top of the sorcerer
33: monk's robe / spell jump from the plateform were's the 32
34: spirit stone+steel / hole in the ceiling [ice pillard]
35: warrior's plate+spirit potion / mana+cancel push puzzle
36: master scroll / nothing special middle of the room

after the fire temple dont forget to backtrack to tagrum for triggering the event by going on the elder'sroom. and kill the yeti aswell
the 3 chest in the cave are the only missable chest in the game so be sure to take them before you escape

37: spirit cristal / in an alcove after the breakable wall [purif soul]
38: silk cloth / a plateform nothing special
39: dreadnaught armor / during the collapse of the cave, a demon door halfway up on the right

40: steel / skeleton door
41: grey metal plate / breakable wall [purif soul]
42: tamahagane / ice pillard to go up and [ice pillard + spell jump] North East corner
43: deadman's fury / [void warp]
44: silk cloth / nothing special
45: tamahagane / breakable wall top of the room [purif soul]
46: steel / reachable only by dropping down North East corner
47: cleric vestment / mana+cancel push puzzle
48: angel sapphire+gem of purity / reachable by dropping down, one chest per wall at the same height [void warp]
49: book of the old gods / plateform below thoses were there are mobs [void warp]
50: saint opale / reachable by dropping down on the left corner
51: book of the old gods / mana+cancel push puzzle
52: spirit stone / nothing special
53: grand agate / [void warp] trough electricity
54: tamahagane+steel / [warden jump] 2 chest on the top
55: grand agate / beneathe the pnj who sell reset skill item behind a skeleton door
56: spell lantern / [warden jump] or [ice pillard]
57: tamahagane / breakable wall on the right[purif soul]
58: grey metal helm / [ice pillard] or [warden jump]
59: ancient coin / [ice pillard]+wall jump+[warden jump]
60: life potion / skeleton door
61: grand agate / cancel push puzzle [warden jump] or [ice pillard] to reach the button
62: teaching of life blade / divine door
63: spirit cristal / [void warp] or [warden jump]
64: warrior's plate / on a ledge reachable with [warden jump] or [ice pillard]
65: silk cloth + magister vestment / [void warp]
66: grand agate / some [warden jump]
67: black heart stone / breakable wall [purif soul]
68: spirit potion / mana puzzle behind the breakable wall of the 67
69: spirit stone / [void warp] more accessible by dropping down, on an alcove on the right wall
70: gladiator vest / [void warp] or [ice pillard] + [warden jump], on an alcove on the left wall
71: grey metal glove / demon door
72: soft cloth / reachable by dropping down on the right wall
73: silk cloth / [ice pillard] + [warden soul]
74: silk cloth / [ice pillard] + [warden soul]
75: book of the old gods / on a corridor accessible via the vertical moving platforms of the right room [warden jump]+[void warp]
76: gambler's rag / mana puzzle [warden jump] + [Void warp]
77: ancient coin / hole in the ceiling [ice pillard] + [warden jump]
78: health charm / [void warp]
79: grand agate / [ice pillard] + [warden jump] or [void warp]
80: gem of purity / hole in the ceiling [ice pillard] + [warden jump]
81: strange glasses / hole in the ceiling [ice pillard] + [warden]
82: ancient coin / hide on an alcove on the left of the mercenary [ice pillard] or [warden jump]

i'm missing 2 item name. i wasnt paying attention when i opened the chest.

english isnt my maternal language so if you see some mistakes feel free to correct me.
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Kitusss Nov 11, 2013 @ 1:17pm 
This topic should be pinned. Really useful description, TheAeon, thanks
Ania ❤ Nov 11, 2013 @ 6:13pm 
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao! Next lvl awesomeness dude, TYVM :D.
not-tu Nov 16, 2013 @ 12:48am 
This is great! Thanks for doing this. I wish the image was uploaded on imgur though :S
Too many ads and popups on this one.
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Kaniela Boomstick Nov 16, 2013 @ 3:29am 
Good guide
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Akimaye Hiroyorih Nov 16, 2013 @ 5:18am 
Good guide. Is it assured I'd run into all the crew following this? I recall being short of a few and didn't seen to know where the remainder were. It be great if the were on the map listed in Alphabetical order. But yeah.

I'm going to take some notes while running through the game using this... Just to help out on the things you may have missed.
freegenz Nov 16, 2013 @ 12:26pm 
This guide is absolutely amazing, thanks a lot!

Can anyone tell me exactly where is chest #53? I don't see the chest or what electricity you're supposed to go through...
Akimaye Hiroyorih Nov 16, 2013 @ 4:57pm 
32 is a Magician's Cape
15 is a Wanderer Reinment
72 is a Soft Cloth

Originally posted by freegenz:
This guide is absolutely amazing, thanks a lot!

Can anyone tell me exactly where is chest #53? I don't see the chest or what electricity you're supposed to go through...

Engineer's Palace. The room after the Book of Gods room.
Ajira Dec 5, 2013 @ 1:02pm 
Some correction there :
10 bis -> In this room you can get an other chest with an other Angel Sapphir (2 Angel Sapphir in this room).
14 -> not an angel sapphir but a Mana charm

Thanks for this guide
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Is something wrong in this guide? In my first game I was playing as Wyatt on normal and I had four health potions, I do not know how, but I did.
myhr2 Dec 6, 2013 @ 8:29am 
Weird, are you sure? There should be only 3 health and 3 mana potions in the game.
Eptik Dec 6, 2013 @ 9:34am 
Originally posted by Draconic creature:
Is something wrong in this guide? In my first game I was playing as Wyatt on normal and I had four health potions, I do not know how, but I did.

your memory is playing trick with you i think
Linco Dec 8, 2013 @ 8:10am 
there's something missing, i've got the all the itens in the list, but i've got only 99% of the itens
DarkTroZo Dec 10, 2013 @ 10:12am 
If I'm not mistaken all timed missables are now event based, so this guide is outdated. Apparently most people active on this forum have +100 hours in the game, but new players like me would greatly appreciate an updated list of missables on this thread.
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myhr2 Dec 10, 2013 @ 10:50am 
Ok, I don't know if TheAeon will update his guide, but here, some info about the civilians :

- like before, Tagrum is wiped if you don't backtrack to Tagrum's Elder after finishing Guardian Temple (I think you can get that cutscene until you get Divine Dust or Mark of Valdis, but not sure about it)
- to save the Executioner's Hall civilians, you need to defeat the Yeti in the room where you fought Azudor for the first time before you reach Ishk for the first time.
- Ishk Mana Heater will break after you complete the Crystal Mines, and its citizen will leave shortly after you get the Divine Key. You can't prevent the breaking, but you can fix the Mana Heater by talking with the NPC near it, then to Claudia, and then use the Lightning Down spell, and finally coming back to the NPC in Ishk (always before getting the Divine Key, of course)

DarkTroZo Dec 10, 2013 @ 11:32am 
Originally posted by myhr2:

Thank you!

I realize this was probably posted before, but it's hard to find searching the forums, since most threads I find contain pre-patch information.

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