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manny the beer hat veric 6 gen, ore 22:40
Soada Avatars
Get your Sins of a Dark Age avatars here:

I'm interested in that new character!

A teaser, perhaps?
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Tug 7 gen, ore 10:54 
That hooded guy has been making appearences here and there for a long time, I too am curious about his info!
Rolkfish the Wood Imp General 10 gen, ore 0:46 
He's been around since my earliest soada website times, and i know he will be my main (as you can see by my new profile pic), even though i don't know why :P perhaps the green hood has something to do with that...
Tug 10 gen, ore 4:40 
He looks like just a boy, but he can compete with all of these seasoned heroes, so I wonder what kind of tricks he has up his sleeves!
manny the beer hat veric 21 gen, ore 13:05 
The dragon icon is back!

Sorry Skarovas Enforcer!
manny the beer hat veric 26 gen, ore 21:36 
Found a bigger picture of the mystery shepherd boy (possibly named Penn) that I hadn't seen before:
Tug 27 gen, ore 4:31 
There are some really nice pictures at that page, super high resolution. Good find, I have never seen the full Penn before!
manny the beer hat veric 14 feb, ore 13:30 
If anyone sees this, does the link in the original post work for you?

All I get is the Soada community profile with a broken transparent image icon.
Charles Foster Ofdensen 14 feb, ore 14:25 
^ Yeah, I'm having the same issue.
Tug 14 feb, ore 15:10 
Tested in Chrome and it is wonky there too :S
manny the beer hat veric 14 feb, ore 15:13 
Might be a Steam issue.

I was playing around with avatars today (veric ftw) and tried to switch back to my Vasari, but when I clicked on it:

I'll click on a random game to see if it is affected too.

Clicked on a random game (99 Spirits or something) and it is also affected.
Ultima modifica da manny the beer hat veric; 14 feb, ore 15:15
manny the beer hat veric 23 feb, ore 14:41 
Fixed for now!

Avatar up!
Gavener 15 mar, ore 15:56 
uh hooded person is a girl, check the chin and cheek bones
Rolkfish the Wood Imp General 15 mar, ore 16:31 
it's a boy. I don't remember where, but i do remember seeing his title "the boy wizard" on some webpage. Which would also explain why his cheek bones and chin haven't formed into more manly features :)
Gavener 16 mar, ore 8:35 
the goats where a cool touch
Tug 16 mar, ore 9:03 
What is this about goats? I like goats!
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