Overmind29 Jul 2 @ 3:48pm
What do you think? EDITED
I was fooling around with some ideas about game promotion and so i came up with some lines i might use at a sort of promotional video (if i will ever push myself to complete it)

The idea is : those lines being used as kind of an intro for the video.

...When our defense lies shattered...
...Old heroes forgotten...
...A new age of darkness and strife dawns...
...Age of bloody war...
...Where new legends are born...
...And all sins will be absolved..
...for when the Gods are dead...
...there is no sin...

---Sins of a Dark Age---

Changed last lines according to Tug's idea, I really like it :-)
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Tug Jul 2 @ 8:33pm 
No sins will be absolved!
All sins will be absolved!
When the Gods are dead, THERE ARE NO SINS.
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