Lee 2013年12月13日下午2:01
sound scraching noice
sometimes when i try to read one's mind, there is some scraching noice. does any some have the same problem. also please hide the mouse when using the xbox controller
最后由 Lee 编辑于; 2013年12月13日下午2:01
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Spooky 2013年12月13日下午8:54 
It's spelled "noise."
ARTHUR THUCKSAKE 2013年12月16日上午10:33 
That noise could be due to the left stick on the 360 pad which can slow down and speed up the mind-reading scenes. You can move the stick left to slow down and right to speed it up.
ky_lian 2013年12月21日上午1:23 
I'm playing with keyboard but still i have this problem too.
Artins90 2014年1月5日下午1:30 
It's because the game runs at crazy high fps since it lacks any v-sync option which makes it hard for the audio to stay in sync with the video
最后由 Artins90 编辑于; 2014年1月5日下午4:22
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