NosferalTroll Apr 13 @ 8:00am
Different resolution options on Mac OS & Windows? (Same computer)
Hi there, I am using a Mac laptop, under dual-boot (OSX 10.8, Windows 8.1). My native screen resolution is 1440x900. When I launch the game on Mac OS X, the only resolution I can use is 1440x900. I cannot change it, but it's fine, since it's my monitor's resolution. However, when I launch it on Windows, 1280x720 is my only choice... Why is that? Can I change it?

Some people might answer "just play it on Mac OS X then, if you want to have 1440x900", but:
1) That's not the point of my question, I am asking why I have different resolution options on those two OS, despite using the same machine. That doesn't seem very normal to me.
2) I'd like to play on Windows to have decent controller support, since the XBox 360 third-party drivers on OS X aren't that great.

I'm okay with playing the game in 720p, but not being able to play with my native resolution just because of the OS looks strange.