Chainsaw Warrior
The EASY way to win at Easy
There's a tactic from the old boardgame days that still works in the app and makes winning at Easy almost a certainty. So if you're getting bogged down and want to know a particularly sneaky and powerful way to win, read on...

To use this strategy you need a minimum of 6 equipment points and preferably high Strength.

In short, the aim of the game is to get through (SKIP) as many cards as possible with the lowest possible chance of a dangerous encounter.

When choosing equipment you must have:

Heavy Weapon - Dynamite
Device - Rope & Launcher
Device - Flare Gun
Device - CATS (attach it to the Laser Lance)

I'll tell you what to do with any leftover equipment points later.

Okay, let's play.

From the very first card, IMMEDIATELY use all 5 uses of Dynamite one after the other as soon as possible. In case you don't know, you can use Dynamite to blow up parts of the house, making your own shortcut through the building. Each use of Dynamite skips 1D6 cards, meaning you'll skip a minimum of 5 cards and a max of 30 before the Dynamite runs out. So go ahead and do it. Don't care about what you skip, just use that Dynamite until it's gone. And should you later find a Dump, guess what you do? Refill the Dynamite and repeat. Demolish as much of the house as possible. The aim is to skip tons of cards.

WARNING: There's a bug in the game that will see you die automatically if you swap from Deck 1 to Deck 2 using Dynamite, so stop short of Deck 1, Card 54. Go through normally, then use Dynamite again.

But what if you don't find a Dump and only have one set of Dynamite cards?

That's why you have the Rope & Launcher. You can use this device each and every time you find a Balcony to skip 1D6 cards and you can use it any number of times. AND you don't get screwed if you meet the Chasm and you don't have Climbing skill. So, just like the Dynamite, use Rope & Launcher each and every time you can. Using just these two items, I once reached low 40s in deck 1 without a single difficult encounter.

And when it turns dark (minute 30), guess what you do with the Flare Gun. Yep, you get card skipping again.

Trust me, you'll find Darkness like you won't believe!

This tactic isn't fully guaranteed. Particular risks:

Lunatic - pinches your Laser Lance and you have to leave the house -- eats up the clock.
Mutants and Radiation trap - you may be unlucky to die of radiation
The Meat Machine/Slime - 'nuff said.
Mines - may kill you and wreck your equipment
Chaos Agents - a couple of these can really screw up the best laid plan.

Most time, though, you should reach Darkness with all 3 shots in your Laser Lance. If you've used the Laser Lance beforehand (say, with Slime), try to refill it even if it means wasting rounds. Do your best to face Darkness with all 3 rounds because -- unless you have great Marksmanship -- the secret fact is you're far more likely to kill Darkness with a Lucky Shot than a standard shot. So when you face Darkness, consider the first aimed shot a freebie. During actual combat, however, CATS gives you a +1 to your Lucky Shot roll and you can also gain an additional +1 after certain rounds of H-to-H combat making a total of +2 or 4 or more needed on the 1D6.

Another thing, DON'T go strolling through Deck 2 when a Magnetic Field is in play. There is absolutely no point facing Darkness without a working Laser Lance. It'll just get you killed. Just keep your eye on the turn counters on your Equipment screen and use the WAIT button to kill time.

And that's pretty much all there is to it. This tactic works best if you also have high strength so that you can punch out any Zombies you meet along the way.

Now then, here's what you may want to do with those extra equipment points:

1. Device - Heat Detector - so there is zero chance of the the Lunatic stealing your Laser Lance

2. H-to-H Weapon - Chainsaw - if you've noticed, I haven't said anything about taking a gun in with you. Get a +3 H-to-H and just kill everthing the messy way!

3. H-to-H Weapon - Knife - if you have really high Strength you may prefer the Knife over the Chainsaw because there's no chance of the Knife being powered down by the Magentic Field. Or, if you have enough points, take the Knife as well as the Chainsaw. Use the Chainsaw as long as it's got juice.

4. UV Emitter - effectively lets you skip all those Empty and Clear areas without testing for Wandering Zombie.

5. Wirecutter - to stop getting bogged down in all those wire traps. If you have the Chainsaw, don't bother choosing Lockpicks. You can just saw the doors away.

Hopefully this old school advice will give some players a little help, and all players something to think about. Contrary to what sometimes is said, there are tactics and strategies you can use in Chainsaw Warrior, you just occasionally need to think hard to find them (and, of course, in the higher levels you do need some luck!). Look at your stats, get to know all the gadgets, learn where things are in the house (Slime in Elevator), and work the probabilities and possibilities in your favour. This walkthrough is just one of many ways to win -- albeit an excellent one!

Now let's get global achievements for winning to 100%. At least on Easy ;-)
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Auroch Digital  [developer] Nov 1, 2013 @ 4:39am 
That is pretty good advice!
melkathi Nov 1, 2013 @ 8:58am 
Very good write up. I have used that exact strategy before and can vouch for it. I had my speed run with Dynamite, killing Darkness with 50 mins to spare :)

In retrospect though, as you are skipping cards with the dynamite, I'd not worry about the UV Emitter and Wirecutter. Neither the combat nor the wires will cause you to lose all that much time compared to the cards you are already skipping. I'd either take a gun (to shoot doors with instead of chainsawing them) or lockpicks. Also IR-Goggles to increase your chances of hitting Darkness if it goes nighttime by the time you find it.
Malkavian Nov 6, 2013 @ 10:25am 
good guide
Lawd Mawdjulus Jan 16, 2014 @ 10:44pm 
I have a few screenshots laying around that are visible in the community hub of me using dynamite and having way too much fun...especially when I still failed in the end...due to great irony from getting my Laser Lance blasted by a suicide agent...

...and then Darkness jumping out from behind a bush in the very next room, flipping me birds with both hands pistoning up and down grinning like a giddy school girl.
Originally posted by Malkavian:
good guide

Glad you found it useful. Someone's already cut & pasted it onto Boardgamegeek :)
Last edited by TheOriginalChainsawWarrior; Jan 30, 2014 @ 2:57am
Two Clicks Jan 30, 2014 @ 4:26am 
lol I just completed it on Easy.... playing the hard way. I will have to try this out though!

Shame there arent any completion counter achievements. More achievements is always good! :)
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